Grammar and dark times. The Golden Gate Bridge

Grammar                                                                                                  Carla Chavez RodriguezLandmark essay                                                                                                      12-19-17                                                     The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is amazing place to visit when you visit San Francisco. Imagine being on  the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes when someone are on the bridge it is cloudy and you can feel the clouds. Other times it is a clear view. The Golden Gate Bridge has an amazing history, interesting facts, and dark times. The Golden Gate Bridge took about 4 years to build and has amazing history. The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco and Marin Counties. The engineer who designed and figured out what is would cost. Before there was a bridge they used to use a boat called ferry boats they still use them today but mostly use the bridge. People started complaining about how there wasn’t a boat. So, the people decided to go and complain so they decided to start building the bridge The build the bridge in January 5,1933. Before when they had a ferry boat they used to put cars but there wasn’t enough room to get it off and on so they had to build a bridge. On the Golden Gate Bridge they used 5,000 – 10,000 gallons of paint “International Orange.” Some people didn’t make it on time to the hospital intime so there has been 3 babies born on the Golden Bridge. The population of people visiting the bridge was increasing so much in 1937 there were 50,000 people then in 1987 there was 300,000 people. On the Golden Gate Bridge they used 7,000ft. Of cable; 80,000 miles of wire. On the Golden Gate Bridge there was some dark times. The first death was by ” The latest statistics show there is one new successful suicide attempt made at the Golden Gate Bridge every two weeks.” according to “Bridge of Death- Suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge” by Denise Oliveri. This means that approximately someone jumps of the bridge every 2 weeks.