Greek and Roman Legends in Ovid’s Poetry: Chapter 25

15 love letters from Heroines to their absent lovers

Hero and Leander
Hero was locked in a tower. In this tower, she fell in love with Leander, who lived across the river Hellespont. Every night Hero would light the tower and Leander would swim across to screw her. One night, it was very windy and the light blew out.

Leader got lost, died in the river, and when Hero saw his body on the shore she threw herself from the tower

About festivals in ancient rome

Flora and Zephyrus
Flora was raped by Zephyrus

Floralia: the festival
ancient festival celebrating flora

Latin narrative poem written by Ovid. Comprises over 250 myths.

Pomona and Vertumnus (shape shifter)
Pomona secretly loves Vertumnus, but is not sure if she wants to marry vertumnus. Vertumnus shape shifts into an old woman to tell Pomona she should marry him.

Atlanta and Milanion
Aphrodite gave young Milanion three golden apples to win over Atlanta. Atlanta said only a man that could beat her in a race could marry her. Milanion accepted this challenge and dropped the apples along the way. They got married but decide to **** in Zeus’ temple, so they got turned into lions.

Philemon and Baucis
Elderly couple that was nice to Zeus and Hermes, so they decided to save Philemon and Baucis from the flood.

After the flood, they became oak trees.

Byblis and Caunus
Byblis tried to **** her brother, Caunus. She stopped to rest and got turned into a spring.

Pyramis and Thisbe
Pyramis kills himself because he sees Thisbe’s scarf drenched in blood. He assumes the lion ate thisbe, when in reality the Lion just got blood on her scarf from a recent kill and she ran away safely. Thisbe returns to find her love, Pyramis dead.

She kills herself as well.

Ars Armatoria
The art of love