Greek Literature: Sappho’s Poems

When was the Lyric Age?
7th-6th century B.C.E.

What was characteristic about the Lyric Age’s poetry?
– More personal and shorter

Who was Sappho?
– Female poet who presented a view of Greek life from a woman’s perspective

What was Sappho’s form of poetry called?
– Sapphic stanza –> 4 lines = 3 long, 1 short

Who is the speaker of “Most Beautiful of all the Stars”?
– Sappho herself, or the view of another Greek woman (a mother)

Does “Most Beautiful of all the Stars” have a rhyme scheme or meter?
– No; b/c it is translated –> either focused on meter or meaning; sacrificing one for another

What is the figurative language in “Most Beautiful of all the Stars”?
– “bright dawn scattered” –> personification
– “Most beautiful of all the stars, O Hesperus” –> personification b/c Venus, the planet (aka. morning star)

What is it called when your directly address personification?
– Apostrophe

What is the theme of “Most Beautiful of all the Stars”?
– Everything is brought home again