GunControl modern periods the most recent being the

GunControl            Guns,everyone knows what a gun is and what it can do but should there be stricterregulations on who should get it and who shouldn’t. Richard Pena says “Guncontrol is a restriction on what kinds of firearms can be sold and bought, whocan possess and or sell them, where and how they can be stored or carried, andwhat duties both the buyer and seller have to report to the government.”(P1) Firearmsare classified intro three broad types: rifles, handguns and shotguns. Guncontrol is also known as the domestic regulations of gun manufacture,possession, use, trade, and trade. Gun control is like a control of the people.Throughout the year’s gun control debates had always been about backgroundchecks for buyers, allowing people to carry concealed weapons in public and tosee if military assault rifles will be allowed in the U.S. Lots of othercountries already have confined firearm guiding policy and with only smallregulations that regulate access to guns and then also has an restrict on theperson who will be granted a firearms license. Tragedies arebound to occur, and there is no set wayof controlling them. There have been numerous tragedies experienced in the USduring modern periods the most recent being the Las Vegas Massacre thatoccurred in October 2017. This bloodbath and a number of others have made guncontrol a vehemently argued and weighty topic. There are two sides in this kindof an argument those like me who are for the gun control measures being put in placeand the ones who are against gun control stating that it is a right that shouldbe respected and upheld. The paper is going to look into reasons for supportingand why it is necessary to have gun control in place.Why we need guncontrol. It’s because of all the mass shooting all over the nation. Like theone recently in October 1st its consider one of biggest modern massshooting. The gun man Stephan Paddocks opened fire from a hotel room in LasVegas into a concert for 11 minutes killing 59 people and injuring 500people.  Police says Stephan paddocks hadan arsenal of 23 weapons and accessories, with semiautomatic rifles scopes andhundreds of rounds of ammunition. Stephen paddock had purchase 33 firearms inthe last year and twelve of these were semiautomatic rifles. Accessories like bump-firestocks which make semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 to fire in a rapidsuccession or automatic fire. You can buy the pieces that makes a semiautomatic rifle a fully automatic rifle. It’s not hard to illegally make afirearm out of a legal firearm. And another 19 weapons were found at theshooters home in Nevada.  No one shouldbe allowed to own this much guns.  IfAmerican citizens don’t do anything about gun control now, people’s lives couldbe destroyed.  Some people believe thatgun control goes against the 2nd amendment and that the constitutiondoes not provide for it. Without gun control, it would be too easy for a gun toget in the wrong hands and we would never know who is reliable enough to own agun. For the safety of our nation it is necessary to have gun control.             Oneof the main reasons why gun control should be enforced by the law is becausewithout any restrictions, any person can buy a gun. Not having more regulationson these guns, they can get into the wrong hands like criminals, mentally ill,and even young adolescents.  Guns in the wronghands people will just be setting themselves up for a disaster. A stricter gunlaw means less mass shootings and or could be none at all. If there was no boundsto who can have a gun everyone life would be put at risk. For every one time a gunin the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were4 unintentional shootings, 7 criminal assaults or homicides and 11 attempted orcomplete suicides. Taking away guns out of the hands of the wrong people will makethe whole place safer.It’s very easy tobuy a gun legally. In some places you have to acquire a license to own, andcarry a gun. Some states has more and or less regulations than others states. “InVirginia you can buy a semi-automatic gun in 15 minutes.” (John Markwell p.2 Hui cho, who went on a killing spree and killed 32 people on Virginiatechs campus after passing two background check. In most states in the nationthe store will run two background checks on you, a state federal check and astate check.  “However in 39 states,private sellers are allowed to sell guns without performing any kind ofbackground check- state or federal.” Says Kate Taylor (p.7 Just Two days after the shooting in Orlando it only took 38 minutes to buythe AR-15 that was used in the massacre that killed 49 people. Shouldn’t ittake longer to buy a military grade assault rifle?             Inthe 2nd amendment it says a well regulated militia, being necessaryto the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms,shall not be infringed. It has nothing to do with hunting, or target shooting, orsporting purposes. It is about self defense, but not on an individual basis, buta much larger basis. Yes the people can bear arms but it doesn’t say anythingabout the government being able to put gun control on them. The 2ndamendment was never intended to be an absolute bar on any governmentrestrictions on firearms. Some people may argue that they need a gun to feelsafe. Gun control doesn’t mean banning guns literally just makes it harder toobtain legally, to have a limit of how many firearms you can have and who canhave it. There is no need for 30 guns rifle and handguns included for a person. If someone is trying to protect theirfamily wouldn’t a simple hand gun do the job?  Arguably, the amendment wasn’t even aboutindividual gun ownership at all, it was about the right of the states to defendthemselves collectively, i.e. having state armories.Without a law inplace to give a direction anybody can own a gun. Enacting stringent gun lawswill save many lives in the future. Not only should a standard background checkbe in place but also medical background checks should be done when it comes toguns. The current laws have a gun show loophole that is coded in the FirearmOwners Protection Act; this sufficiently allows anybody regardless of theirbackgrounds even convicted felons to buy firearms with no background checkbeing done. If no measures are in place as to who is eligible to own a gunevery single one of us is at risk. This risk escalates once it becomes legalfor any individual to possess a firearm thereafter nothing will be able to bedone to make citizens safeThere are a coupleof things that are put in perspective for a place to be declared safe. When it comes to firearms individuals will have different opinions in regards to whether they feelsafe around guns or not. Ultimately a majority of people will agree with mewhen I say that a hazardous environment is created when anybody regardless ofwhether he/she has had the training ornot is allowed to walk around, armed, at any given time. A lot of severeincidents where guns were not intentionally fired but still resulted in serious problems have taken place in largenumbers over the past years. A recent study indicated that firearms are 22 times more likely to beinvolved in suicide attempts, homicide or accidental shootings instead of beingused in self-defense in homes. The availability of guns to anyone at home has inevitablyled to severe injuries, problems and inextreme cases deaths. Teenagers are taking guns to schools and at times evenend up shooting their family members or other people. The mortality rate instates with high gun ownership has been proven to be much higher than that in states with low gun ownership states accordingto the study by Accident Analysis and Prevention. The risks of unnecessaryproblems taking place are significantlyreduced when guns are kept away from peopleFormer presidentBarack Obama gun control called for more regulations in the wake of a wholebunch of mass shootings that happened during his time in office. Even thoughObama had many gun laws only two passed during his time in office, how guns arecarried and expand the rights of gun owners. Some of Obama’s gun control lawshe tried to pass were to expand background checks of gun purchases and ban gunssales to buyers on terrorism watch list and to limit the magazine sizes ofguns. Obama said it himself he’s not trying to take guns away from the goodguys he just want to prevent the bad people from buying a gun and he can’tbecause of the national rifle association. Formerpresidential nominee Hillary Clintons proposes her gun control to preventcriminals from obtaining any firearms at all and trying to ban high-caliberassaults weapons and devoting more resources and attention to mental healthissues. Her platform calls for an expansion of background checks for all firearmspurchases. She wants to tighten restrictions for gun purchases and ban assaultweapons but not the one that good citizens already have.  She also claims that she’s not here to takeyour guns away. And people are calling her a liar for that. She also wanted toraise the legal age for a handgun license to 21 from 18. The National Rifleassociation of America (NRA) is a non-profit organization that supports gunrights. The NRA examines information, instructs shooters in safe use of theirweapons, and defends the second Amendment from attack by those who wish torevoke your right to defend the American constitution from all enemies bothforeign and domestic. They educate kids about gun safety and educate gun ownersthrough their various magazines. The NRA also helps with passing or vetoing newgun control laws. “The NRA believes that devices designed to allowsemi-automatic rifles to function like fully- automatic rifles should besubject to additional regulations” said Christopher Wilson (p. 2 eggs meanmore omelets or more cars mean more traffic and the anti-gun control peopleclaim that deadly weapons can help combat crime.  More guns just mean more crime. “The onlything that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” (NationalRifle Association CEO P.2 Even though they are able to stop the mass shooter in the middle of hiskilling spree, it stills remains that more guns equals more crime. In America guns havebecame a part of American culture. Gun culture in the united states   No otherdeveloped country praises guns as much as America does.  Americans don’t just have more guns than anyoneelse, 270 million privately held firearms but they also have the highest gun ownershipper capita rate in the world, with an average of about nine guns for every 10 Americans. For some people guns means more than justowning a gun it also means freedom for them. There is one primary claim that those who are against guncontrol come up with every time this debate is held. The notion that theirrights are being infringed in accordance withthe second amendment. The claim is valid. However,it is very one-sided. While the individuals permitted to carry guns have asense of security those who never want to be in an environment of firearms feel insecure. This results in a lose-losesituation. There is no treason for people to be afraid of guns when taking theguns away makes everybody safeThere is anecessity for gun control if we want to have a peaceful home, town, city,country and the world at large. A lot of lives will be cut short for reasonsthat cannot be explained with no regulations in place. We need to change theway things are handled keeping in mind that violence is never the perfectsolution to any problem. Those rejecting gun controlsexhibit a trait of disorder and turn ablind eye to a very critical factor for anything to be able to thrive on whichis safety. For this reason and the arguments,I have put forward in the body of my essay I am pro-gun control.  The guns thatthose who are against their control advocate to have could fall into the handsof an individual whose mental state is not stable making that person pursue anaction out of their control. Allowing such kind of people to be in possessionof guns is setting the stage for a disastrous ending. If the process of gettingguns was not as simple as it is then all those people who lost lives in the LasVegas shooting and the parents to the children in Sandy Hook Elementary schoolwould still have their children. The thought that these incidents took place isunforgivable and taking no necessarysteps to prevent such strategies from occurring again is immoral. Maintainingthe laws as they are means we are not contriteand regardless of what happens in the future, irrespectiveof how many people die as a result of guns nothing will ever change