Hacker Emmanuel Goldstein Lawrence Mason – Paul cook

Hacker Weare living in a world full of technology and it’s good that we already adaptedthe world of new generation. Hacking is one of the very rampant activities ofsome people who are professional and non-professional who want to have anauthority access to someone’s property and the activity is called hacktivist.Hackers our great for deep analysis and having a brilliant idea on how theyhack certain property, but it’s not good. According to study there isclassification of hacker, we have first the Black hat, White hat, Grey hat, andBlue hat. This classification determines the level or degree of action, but weall know that whatever level it is, it’s still hacking and it’s not a goodpractise at all, Hackers are hackers. Even if your intension is good over badhacker you will be still consider as a hacker who breaks into computer systems.Hacking is a crime, because it invades the privacy of other people and ofcourse people are not aware of this activity invading their privacy for the owngain of hackers.

Hacking is unethical, there is no such ethical about it ininvading the privacy of an individual and they violate people privacy.ROLES AND CHARACTER JonnyLee Miller – Dade MurphyAngelinaJolie – Kate LibbyRenolySantiago – Ramon SanchezMatthewLillard – Emmanuel GoldsteinLawrenceMason – Paul cookJesseBradford – Joey PardellaFisherStevens – The Plague Eugene Belford Themovie Hacker is something that reminds us people that we have now in the newgeneration, the generation of technology. In this movie the concept of hacking doesn’trequire any baccalaureate degree as the protagonist in the movie “Dade Murphy”he is only 11 years old when he crashed almost 1,500 computer system in asingle day. Hacking is the process of invading the privacy of other people, organizationand company. Let us always think that in our world now that is full of not sogood activities, we should always take care of our information. We can’t stopthe hacker from their activity and the only resistance we have is to secure andprotect our vital information that the hacker can use over us.

For us, computermajor we should not use what we have to take advantages to others, and for thenon-expert user of the internet and social media always think first before youclick, think first before you post, because posting in social media is thecommonly used by the hackers. Let us use the internet or the social media inwhat is supposed to be, social media is develop to have a faster communicationwith our friends, relatives, and love ones that were far away to us. Let’s notabuse the power of internet.