Hallelujah showed the family eating chicken after the

Hallelujah is a movie with a spiritual story about
the blacks from the south. Hallelujah has fair claim to be the primary perfect
work of art of the sound period.  Definitely
King Vidor the director of Hallelujah, could have understood his routnely proposed
all-black film just at a minute when the Broadway achievement of Rouben
Mamoulian’s Porgy, rumor about a comparable venture at Fox (Hearts of Dixie),
and Vidor’s own particular readiness to bet his salary all joined with
corporate confusion at MGM—the last significant studio to prepare for sound. At
last, Hallelujah’s accompanying
music couldn’t quite make it a musical nor defuse its brutality; and it had as
much issue with appointments in the North as in the South.

story has different characters like Zeke, a fine looking young black man, who
sold cotton with his family for daily bread for a hundred dollars, is seen in a
dance hall crowded with happy black men and women. Chick, the seductress, utilizes
her feminine wiles and soon Zeke is lured into a dice game with a man dressed
in a flashy style known as Hot Shot, chick’s gambling hustler boyfriend. obviously,
Zeke lost the game and his money which led to a fight between Zeke and Hot Shot
in which Zeke grabs Hot Shot’s revolver and fires pointblank at the crowd. He
mortally wounds his own brother, who died in the cart Zeke on their way back
home. On getting home, Mammy’s “mother’s instinct” suspected something bad had
happened to her sons. It wasn’t explained to why Zeke wasn’t punished for his brother’s
death but his father, Pappy, forgave him and Zeke became a rabid preacher.

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are so many stereotypes portrayed in this movie, both positive ad negative. In the
first scene it showed the family eating chicken after the days work of picking
cotton. They relax and have fun by eating chicken and corn bread and dancing
and singing and the family engages in an after-dinner jig with the
youngest of the family tap dancing on tables as they all sing together. This caricature
still exists in people mind as of today when they see African-American’s eating
chicken or even watermelon. Another scene shows when Zeke irrepressibly forces
a kiss on Missy Rose one of his house mate which displays another stereotype which
is the “Black blur” a male unable to control himself usually ate sight of a woman
in this case Missy Rose and Chick. Most of the scene showed them singing and