Hamlet, the gravedigger. William Shakespeare wrote about 33

Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare between 1599 and 1602. Located in Denmark, the play is like has a lot of dramatization over the revenge Prince hamlet is called to go upon his uncle, Claudius, by the ghost of hamlets dad, king Hamlet. Hamlet, is William Shakespeare longest play and it is said to be the most dominant works of world literature. Hamlet was probably one of his most known in his lifetime, and it still makes it to the top of the performance list of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Some of the most seen characters/main characters are, hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Ophelia, Horatio, Laertes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, ghost of hamlets father, Fortinbras and the gravedigger. William Shakespeare wrote about 33 plays , 154 sonnets, two long poems, known as England’s national poet. We can say this man was really successful in his career, he became the greatest writer in English language. The lion King and hamlet both have similarities in the story. One of the most obvious ones is that both families are royal families, Simba is the main character in The Lion King son of Mufasa, king of the lions which means Simba is Prince. Hamlet is the son of the murdered King Hamlet which means he is also king. Fathers in The Lion King and hamlet were killed so that the murders can be king. Simba and Hamlets father come back in a mirage or best said as “from the dead” to speak to them and say the right things to do to accomplish the situation. Another similarity to point out, Hamlet and Simba are running from fright and leadership, either dramatically or physically running away. Hamlet is running away from murdering Claudius for the respect of Hamlets father, he also fears of becoming king because after his uncle Hamlet is next. In the Lion King, Simba runs away from his fears after being tricked into thinking that he killed his father. After being away for so long Nala goes to bring him back, Simba changes from running away from fear to going returning to be the king he needs to be. King Hamlet and Mufasa are both kings later on killed by their brother. Mufasa and King Hamlet returns in the story when their sons are in need of advice. Also, Mufasa and king hamlet are the true shapes, showing how a king needs to become. In the stories we see Mufasa as a reliable and a moral king that everyone respected, King Hamlet was not seen but, Hamlet does mention to us that his father was a distinguished king that ruled the kingdom righteous. Another comparison in the stories is about the characters in the story, some like Scar and Claudius, they both are brothers to the king and uncle to the main character, they both kill the king out of jealousy to take over and become king. The character of loud, and irritating but a great helper to the king would be Zazu and Polonius. Both characters in the stories are always giving advice into situations where it’s not wanted which later leads to them being annoying to other characters. Nala and Ophelia are the love interests of the main characters. The big similarity between these two is that they can discuss matters in a reasonable way for example, in Hamlet, Hamlet starts going insane, Ophelia goes out to find out what’s wrong, in fact, she’s just trying to make him feel better and come to realization. In the Lion King, after Nala finds Simba she tries to convince Simba to stop running away from responsibilities and come back home.  It is obvious to say that Pumbaa and Timon are the Lion King version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because they’re always together and both are friends to the main character. I think that pumbaa and Timon could be Horatio. Horatio is Hamlets friend that he trusts, knows that he’s always there for him , the same way goes to Pumbaa and Timon they are the same way to Simba.  Some differences between Hamlet and the Lion King, is deaths, the only two people who died in The Lion King was Mufasa and Scar, but in Hamlet, almost all the characters die, well like protagonists like Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Polonius and Laertes. Age wise, Hamlet is 30 I think, when his father’s died but Simba is very young when his father died. The Lion King doesn’t really end sad, Simba accomplishes what he needed to do for his kingdom and to avenge his father, he ended up staying happy after it was all over, unlike Hamlet, in the end so many characters ended up dead making this whole story depressing. Simba has friends,  people around him to help him make the right decisions , unlike Hamlet the whole time he just wants revenge and doesn’t have the help Simba had. The obvious one of course , in Hamlet they are humans and in The Lion King they are animals. In Hamlet there was advanced vocabulary and went deep in literature while The Lion King used vocabulary for little kids , to begin with,  it was a children’s movie in the first place.   The Lion King and Hamlet were both a very well told story and movie,  the author William Shakespeare is really a good author , he did a splendid job writing the story and putting in so much vocabulary making the scenes sound so interesting, as well for The Lion King,  very good job on showing it as for little kids to understand , overall the movie was great and was really funny and sad but that’s what attracts the people and well the author or director did an amazing job. The Lion King and Hamlet have their differences and similarities,  so many of them that are really visible. In Hamlet in the book , to me it’s better to watch the movie because I prefer the movie , Its visible to me and I understand it better because the book it’s to much words. The book just goes in my head I never understand anything , if I watch the film I would understand all of it , which is why The Lion King was so easy to compare to Hamlet since I watched both films. Hamlet and The Lion King are amazing movies and as for hamlet , an act.