Harpreet yoga which is emerging trend nowadays. I


74a Avenue,                                                                                                                  778-598-2252

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BC V3S 0S3                                                                                   [email protected]


January 28, 2018


888 Burrard Street, BC

Canada, V6Z 1X9



RE: Marketing Intern


Ms. Hiring Manager


When I was studying in my high
school I started following many athletes who made my interest towards healthy
lifestyle. This change made me more focused towards yoga which is emerging
trend nowadays. I looked at job posting in your company it made my chance to
make my dream come true. My computer, communication as well as Management
skills make me able for your marketing intern job. Currently I am pursuing my
Post Degree Diploma in Business Administration at Langara College.


I have strong computer skills which
I acquired through my academic career which are in high demand for your job.
Social platforms that are used daily by your company as marketing source can
become unique by using my social media skills. My ability to create content calendar
for various social media platforms will be useful for various social media
platforms which would be useful for your company.


In addition, I have expertise
skills on Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, my managerial qualities can lead a team
towards their main goal. During my course work in achieved Hoot Suite
certificate. I am more user friendly, my communication skills could increase social
bonding within group structure of company.


As a good candidate, my
communication, computer as well as management and social media skills are best
suited for this position in your company. I can be reached by anytime through
my cellular or email contact. Feel free to ask me any other clarifications for
my knowledge of your company. I will be waiting for your response and hope to
listen from you soon.