Have everyone, even though she is new at

Have you ever wondered what was inside a teenager’s
mind? Have you ever wondered if you should fit in or stay true to who you are?
Well, Jerry Spinelli did answer these questions in a creative and innovative
way with his excellent book called Stargirl. Spinelli described Stargirl, also
named Susan Caraway, as one in a kind. Stargirl would see things differently,
which mesmerizes her classmates every time. She would wear wacky outfits and
have a wacky behavior. She would be kind and friendly to everyone, even though
she is new at the school and that no one seems friendly back. Perhaps, one
student, Leo Borlock, is attracted to her true self. It should be noted that
Leo is an ordinary student who struggles to conform to the rest of his peers
and later in the story, he has to choose between having a normal life or being with
the protagonist, Stargirl. Hillary Kimble, another student, is determined to
destroy any chances that Stargirl could make friends. When Stargirl joins the
cheerleading squad, she becomes popular and Leo is happy about it. Perhaps, she
would cheer for both teams, which made her popularity fall fast and ruthlessly.
Everyone at school stopped talking to her, except for Dori Dilson and Leo
Borlock. Later on, Leo realizes that he is also a target. He has to decide if
he cares more about Stargirl or everyone else. Leo decides to stay by Stargirl’s
side, but one day he couldn’t handle it anymore. He then tells Stargirl that
she has to change if they want to stay together. Stargirl is really sad about
the situation and she just disappears. Even though she tried to be like
everyone else, the other students did not accept her any better. So, she
decided to embrace her true identity and Leo is ticked about it. Stargirl
accepts the fact that Leo cannot love her for who she really is and decides to
go to the upcoming dance by herself and disappears after that.


This book is all about bullying, individuality, diversity,
acceptance, and fitting in socially. The fact that the protagonist, Susan “Stargirl”
Caraway, is different and true to her own self, mesmerized her classmates. Even
if she tried to conform to the other students, it backfired quickly as she was betraying
her true self. Stargirl’s character shows the inner tension that adolescents
can experience and feel. They often struggle with the fact that they can stay unique
or that they can fit in and this story illustrates this problematic. Spinelli delivered
a strong message to his readers: it is important to stay true to who you are,
even if it feels like you have to conform to the norms of society.  

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