Have opponents in the form of an imaginary.Kyoruki

Have You a hobby of sports? try to mention what sport you are interested in? I have a reference to sports that can make your body fit and make you able to keep yourself from evil. this sport is Taekwondo. Taekwondo martial arts must have been familiar for this type of martial art is very popular in Indonesia. Taekwondo is a martial art that popularity is unquestioned, and even has often competed in the Olympics. Tae meaningful break with foot, Kwon has meaning and significance boxing or street art.The basic technique taekwondo quite a lot to be learned and mastered, and keep in mind also that the practice of taekwondo includes a comprehensive system of punches and defense with his hands, but are generally not focused on the struggle.Taekwondo Techniques Training MaterialThere is 3 material in taekwondo and this exercise is also important to note the novice taekwondo athletes:Kyukpa . This technique is solving a hard object and in practice it, we need an inanimate object, such as tiles, bricks, wooden planks or at least where it can be kicked, disabet, or beaten.Poomsae . This technique is a series of basic movements defensive stance and attacks against opponents in the form of an imaginary.Kyoruki . It is an exercise bout in which the basic movement techniques applied. In this exercise, it takes two people to do it.After learning training material, here below are techniques that can be listened to and trained well.SawhorseIn taekwondo sport, do not forget the existence of techniques horses as essentially to master the beginner. Not only this sport, any martial arts also must have a beginning like this technique in which the function is to be the foundation when an attack or defense. Good horses will also be key to the balance and the like under these techniques:1. Ap Koobacaption id=”attachment_684″ align=”aligncenter” width=”212″ Source: Google/captionThis is a long step horse where we need to open the feet shoulder-width apart and lower the front foot while holding the weight. With the soles of the feet, the knees in an upright position so that we can somewhat see the toe of the front foot. To be able to do it perfectly, train movements the horses are very important even though it seems trivial and included in the case. If horses are good, then it will not be difficult to keep your balance when playing, especially when playing with real opponents in the arena tournament.2 .Ap seogicaption id=”attachment_685″ align=”aligncenter” width=”203″ Source: Google/captionThis is a short step easel where the foot is positioned as a step and make sure the toe position facing the same position with both feet. Although it seems easy, without the proper training, rather quite difficult to keep the balance on technical horses this one. As a basic taekwondo, master the horses is the most important as a prelude to you could play professionally.3. Moa seogi  caption id=”attachment_686″ align=”aligncenter” width=”143″ Source Google/captionThis is a horse with his legs tightly positioned upright body facing forward in a straight line. These horses also seem easier to do, but actually standing with your feet together and body erects quite difficult.The balance is precisely tested when we do this technique as it stands at the second position with a front-facing meeting, not everyone can do it on an even keel. To get it right, it is often practiced moa This seogi that could quickly produce a stance much more stable and the balance is preserved before other movement techniques.4. Dwit Koobi -caption id=”attachment_687″ align=”aligncenter” width=”298″ Source Google/captionThis is a stance with both feet on the opening where the rear leg position to be sideways with the front foot straight ahead position. Pedestal make sure the body weight given at the back with legs bent legs for more leverage in the position of these horses.Not to forget, the body is also necessary and obligatory for us to the position facing oblique angle towards the middle of the front and rear foot shape. Practiced regularly will make the movement of these horses better.5. Joochoom seogi -caption id=”attachment_688″ align=”aligncenter” width=”297″ Source Google/captionIt is horses where the foot should be parallel leads to the side with the second position toes straight ahead. Bend your legs until the shins and knees position perpendicular.No body weight on both legs and an upright body position can only while straight ahead. To still be able to maintain the balance of the whole body when they do, it takes exercise routine.6. Beom seogi -caption id=”attachment_689″ align=”aligncenter” width=”299″ Source: Google/captionThis is a stance with front foot position was at the back but frontward as tiger step. Bend the back leg so that body weight is on the foot, while the front leg forward bends in which confirm the fingertips touch the floor.Fingertips front legs touching the floor here means such a position when we tiptoe. To keep the balance is still quite difficult, but it can try to be trained on a regular basis.KickIn taekwondo martial arts, of course, kicking is one of the major movements that need to be learned and mastered. There are different types of deadly kick taekwondo sport and if you want to learn, need to know and get his shadow as follows:1. Dolke chagi -caption id=”attachment_690″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ Source Google/captionthis kick movement needs to be done by turning the body to the back 360 degrees and this is what we call a tornado kick.2. Narae chagi -kick movement is a double kick that can be done to SAMING and directly before the other foot down to touch the ground3. Ap chagi -caption id=”attachment_691″ align=”aligncenter” width=”257″ Source Google/captionthis kick movement needs to be done to the front where the goal is the head or abdomen. Kick conducted using the front end of the foot.To kick motion is usually used for kicking leg really should be straight in an upward direction when the target is the head. Straighten the right leg also ahead if indeed the target of backlash is our opponent’s abdomen.4. Dwi hurigi -caption id=”attachment_692″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ Source Google/captionkick movement is performed around to the back where the foot movements should like crochet. Head or neck is the direction of movement of this kick attack.In this shot, the movement of the foot needs a little hook means is deflected when it rotates back seamlessly. Need to train movements this kick that when doing so, directly once finished and can be directly on target, either the neck or head of an opponent.5. Dwi chagi -caption id=”attachment_693″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ Source Google/captionMovement is done towards kick back with a knee and then continued with our appointed jerked his foot toward the rear. Head and the stomach is the goal.Similar to the bi hurigi but the difference here is used kicking foot towards the back should be bent first. Only then plucked leg to kick.6. Yeop chagi -caption id=”attachment_694″ align=”aligncenter” width=”274″ Source Google/captionMovement is done sideways kick to the right or left leg with his knife in which the body is positioned facing sideways.For this movement, it is necessary to train the balance as well as the position of the fulcrum weight must also be perpendicular. As for the kicking leg used also needs to be sideways to the left or right but it leads to the side.7. Dollyo chagi -caption id=”attachment_695″ align=”aligncenter” width=”299″ Source Google/captionMovement is done sideways kick with waist maximum rotated.Head or abdomen is the target of this kick.This requires a round kick with maximum strength and when the kick must be precise so that the target can be subjected without missing, namely the head or stomach opponent.8. Neryo chagi / Deol chagi -caption id=”attachment_696″ align=”aligncenter” width=”257″ Source Google/captionkick movement is done by digging forward to wear heels.The head is the goal kick motion and we need to lift the leg as high as possible before being struck down as movement while hoeing.This movement may be enough to lose balance while throwing away. This motion train properly will make the movement before, during and after throwing the feet can be perfect.BlowNot only kicks are a mainstay in taekwondo, but also punch. For taekwondo correct stroke technique, here is the kind of techniques that can be listened to:1. Yeop jireugi -caption id=”attachment_697″ align=”aligncenter” width=”250″ Source Google/captionMechanical blow movement is sideways while the position of the body facing forward in a straight line. Jireugi itself has meaning hit, so the point yeop any means to the side so as to have another term, namely the side punch.Although the sideways direction of the blow us, it is very important to keep the body still facing straight ahead. In this movement, too, head turned to the side during a blow to the side like in the example. Also, need to be opened wide feet shoulder width less.2. Eolgol jireugi -caption id=”attachment_700″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ Source Google/captionMechanical stroke movement is toward the top where the head is targeted.3. Arae jireugi -Mechanical stroke movement is downward in all areas vital resist being targeted.4. Momtong jireugi -Mechanical blow movement is towards the center where the pit of the stomach or the heart that were targeted.5. Chi jireugi -caption id=”attachment_702″ align=”aligncenter” width=”249″ Souce Google/captionMechanical blow movement is from the bottom to the top where the chin is similar to the movement of the target and uppercuts. If you use the right hand as a bat, the left hand should be on the side of the body, flexed as he clenched as usual.Walking is also sure to open but with front and rear position, the left leg forward and right leg behind the pedestal of the body weight is on the left foot. Hand to strike must be ready to face up as shown.6. Pyojeok jireugi -caption id=”attachment_703″ align=”aligncenter” width=”247″ Source Google/captionThe mechanical movement is the goal-handed blow itself where its core, our own hands is a form of the imagination of our opponents. Hence, the name of the movement stroke technique is also referred to as imaginary punch.Simple reason, because we did not train with friends who become our opponents, but because we have to imagine their own hands as our opponent. To ensure the movement of the details, can directly ask the taekwondo coach you to be able to cite significantly from this blow.7. Dollyeo jireugi -caption id=”attachment_704″ align=”aligncenter” width=”248″ Source Google/captionMechanical blow movement is from the front side with targeting on the opponent’s head. In doing this blow, right hand which becomes active when going to use the right hand to hit.Meanwhile, as in the other punch movement, the left hand should be prepared in addition to the waist in a bent position as well, clenching the hand. Consider the example of this drawing or if there is still no shadow, better ask the coach taekwondo demonstrated directly so that you can see and practice correctly for each movement.8. Digeutja jireugi -caption id=”attachment_705″ align=”aligncenter” width=”247″ Source Google/captionMechanical movement of this punch is to use both hands and do the shape of the letter C in which one hand doing the other uppercut and doing blow to the stomach. Both must be in a clenched position.To hand did blow up, make sure the palms facing downward (to use the right-hand side). Meanwhile, for the hand that did blow down or stomach, make sure the palms facing upward (this is for the use of the left hand).Parry / MakkiIn taekwondo also not miss any rebuttal or mean technique Makki. Here’s a little explanation about the kinds of techniques you can practice to parry.1. Arae Makki – defense movement is down to wear a fist. In taekwondo is not only concerned with how to punch and kick, but also deflect any blow opposed him. For this technique, you can fists to deflect a blow from an opponent when the opponent strikes the bottom. When the left hand parry, right hand on the side of the body with folded position and fists.2. Momtong an Makki – defense movement is from the middle to the outer part of the forearm wear. Similar is with the movement of chi jireugi punch, only in this movement is as a deterrent purpose. When the opponent attacks from the front directly and straight into the chest or abdomen or neck, then these moves can be used to protect yourself.3. Eolgol Makki – defense movement is upward and the main target is the head. If the opponent tries to hit in the head, especially above the head, then in a swift, movement technique could be used in order to fend off the opponent’s attack. Clench your left hand and instantly bring up that can fend off the top or side of the head.4. Hecho Makki – Movement parry this one is a double parry leading to the outside. So when an opponent tried to attack from two directions (maybe there are two opponents who want to kick the side or bottom of your body), then the movement is what is most appropriate to be used to deflect. However, make sure that the power of both hands in full condition to really could deflect the opponent’s attack completely.5. Rod’s son momtong Makki – defense movement is from the outside to the middle where palms as a cushion. So if ever before the movement of defense is with clenched hands, this time on this technique is quite different.Precisely on the stems momtong’s son Makki, we need to do a rebuttal motion with the palm of our hands which cushions the blow of an attack or an opponent. But for the other arm portion (which is not to parry) should still be there on the side of the body in a state of a fist.6. Sonnal momtong Makki – Movements of this defense is with a knife hand toward the middle. If the opponent attacks with a punch or kick to the front or middle of the body, then this movement can deflect it well. As long as the power is on the knife-hand, then all forms of movement of an opponent attacks can be deflected to the maximum.7. Rod arae son Makki – defense movement is downward wear palms.8. Momtong bakkat Makki – this is a parry parry movement middle leading to the outside from the inside by using the inside of the forearm.For the legs, body weight can be sure to be given the right foot that was in the back by bending it slightly. The body also becomes slightly inclined towards the rear because of the position of the right leg slightly bent earlier.