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Have you ever wondered how the Jews felt like during the holocaust? In this book called,”Torn thread” by Anne Isaac's is about a girl named Eva that tries to survive the holocaust. Evais only 12 years old. Eva was from Poland. In the beginning of the book, Eva and her sisternamed Rachel got raided by the Germans but Eva was the only one that survived between Evaand Rachel. Rachel gets taken away by the German soldiers. After the German soldiers tookRachel away, Eva hid in her attic so the German can't find her. In the holocaust people hidbehind bookshelves or in basements in their houses. The Jews would always get raided byGerman soldiers to take the Jews to labor and death camps.Three days later, Eva and her papa went to the bakery and went to go get the rations. Whilethey were getting their rations, German soldiers started to raid the town again, but this time Evagets captured by one of the German soldiers. Eva got put in a train with other Jews. Eva's dadwas able to survive. Eva got taken to a labor camp in Czechoslovakia. When she made it to thelabor camp she found her sister Rachel.While Eva and Rachel were at the labor camp they had to make cloths and blankets for theGermans. Jews in the labor camp would invite Eva to escape with them but Eva rejected theiroffer. Now Eva has thoughts going through her mind wondering where the girls are now, and ifthey were still alive, and regretting that she didn't go with them. A girl name Hannah was helpingEva in her working department. Hannah teached Eva how to use the machines to make clothsand blankets for the Germans. Later on during the sorry Rachel starts to get sick and Eva starts toworry about her a lot. During the time of the Holocaust it is very hard to be such because there isnot a lot of medicine you can take.Throughout the book it is just about Eva and Rachel working with the machines, and hearingabout the World War 2 news. During the holocaust, Jews would find news about World War 2 sothey can have higher hopes to get rescued. The Jews mindset were that they all were gonna getkilled or sent to Auschwitz Concentration camp. In the book the Germans are getting morescared because the Russians kept getting closer to them.Eva and Rachel had to leave the campbecause they shut down the factory that Eva and Rachel worked in. The Soviet army beat theNazi’s and Eva and her sister and everyone in that camp we're saved. The end of the book talksabout how Eva and her sister we're able to return to Bedzin ghetto but all her relatives died atAuschwitz Concentration camp. Eva emigrated to Canada and had a family.