Health own lifestyles are mostly shaped by the

Health is one of the
most important elements in one life as it is the main determinant that may
predict or indicate how one’s future may turn out for the next few decades.
However, since the existence of multiple fast food chains worldwide, as well as
the practice of unhealthy lifestyles by the world population, numerous diseases
arise and have become such a big issue in the world society. People from all
walks of life, from different backgrounds suffer from these diseases such as
coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and others.

            We cannot deny the influence of
surrounding environment to our societies that their own lifestyles are mostly
shaped by the environment they live in. For instance, look how our eating
habits have caused too much pressure to our own health. Before the emergence of
numerous fast food chains, people were considerably in such a great health
condition. Diseases related to the eating habits were so rare, although a few
diseases such as measles, polio and chicken pox were not yet eradicated (due to
no cure yet at that period). Bad eating habits have contributed to increasing
rate of obesity as well as other chronic diseases to the world population.
Surprisingly, children and adolescents constitute more than 70% of the obese
individuals worldwide. This should become a biological indicator to our society
as our youths are currently more susceptible to multiple cardiovascular
diseases, diabetes, arthritis and others. Just imagine how will the future of
the world become if our youngsters, the greatest assets ever, cannot even lead
a healthy lifestyle, let alone organise the global issues.

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            Furthermore, health and future are
two related elements that may influence one another later. In my opinion, it is
fine to think that our personal health is our ticket to our own future. This is
because our current health condition will help us a lot to plan and organise
our activities as well as our own personal goals and objectives. This starts
from good lifestyle and regular physical activities. Physical activities or
preferably known as exercising, has been proven to become one of the best
method to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of the world’s top chief executive
officers (CEOs) do practise exercising every morning before they start their
daily activities. Some of them are even called as the ‘exercise-freaks’ due to
their obsession towards physical activities. Former President of the United
States of America (USA), Barack Obama sticks to his exercise routines by
sweating out for 45 minutes a day, six days per week, doing multiple activities
such as playing basketball and running. He even said that that daily routine
has helped him to become the man he is today. One of the youngest millionaire
in the world, who is also the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg works out at
least three times a week and he loves to do so as the first thing in the
morning before he begins his hectic life. Oprah Winfrey, one of the world’s
most successful media mogul, combines both cardio exercise and meditation to
help her going through her busy working schedule. Last but not least is our own
national proud, which is Azran Osman-Rani, the former CEO of AirAsia X. He
involves actively in triathlon, and always inspire others to be active and
healthy. We can see that how exercises, although deemed as very simple and only
take a little time, help these great individuals to work at their best thus
achieving their personal as well as organizational goals.

            Apart from physical health, one also
needs to take good care of his or her mental health. We cannot deny that the
importance of mental health to one’s personal development either in his career
or in the life. The aspect of mental healthcare are often misunderstood as
psychological problems, particularly when the societies associate individuals
with mental health problems to severe mental illnesses particularly ones
associated with sanity problems. Every single one of us should have a broader
perspective on these psychological issues. Mental disorder does not necessarily
associate with sanity only, as other psychological problems such as attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts
and addiction, to name a few, should also not to be taken for granted. We have
seen how depression and addiction towards recreational drugs have caused the
death of several renowned celebrities such as Kurt Cobain, one of the greatest
musician of all time, who died due to the drug intoxication, derived from drug
overdose and severe depression. We also have witnessed how suicidal thoughts,
which is considered not too serious by the society, have taken the lives of
many Japanese youths. Japan has a very high rate of suicide especially among
its youths due to multiple pressures and their inability to cope with all the
problems. Due to these ‘non-serious’ disorders as the societies say, all these
youths that may have great ideas and perspectives to be contributed to the
world, may be halted and other great achievements such as scientific
development, global peace and cure for some non-curable diseases.

            Sometimes, we also should change our
perspectives about these mental disorders. As I have mentioned above about ADHD
is also included as a mental illness. Usually, someone with this problem is
very active. May be psychologists or other medical practitioners should work
together with the society to create a medium for these individuals with ADHD to
channel their energy towards something positive. These people can involve in
performing arts or sports as both fields demand for high energy level. Dev
Patel, known for his acting as Jamal Malik in the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’,
described himself as “bloody athletic”. He performed well in international level
Taekwondo tournaments and he also has proven his superiority in the limelight
of celebrities. Patel proves that he is not just being very active, as he is
also able to direct his own future based on his own terms. We also should not
conclude that these individuals with ADHD as having low level of intelligence.
Some of them have achieved beyond what other people expect from them. Sir
Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, was diagnosed with ADHD since his
childhood. Although he is a college dropout, he currently owns more than 400
companies worldwide. Canadian-American comedian and actor, Jim Carrey was also
diagnosed with ADHD during his childhood. He proves that he is also able to
organise his own future by becoming one of the Hollywood’s beloved comedian, as
well as winning two Golden Globe Awards. Both of the examples show that
although they suffer from mental disorder, they are able to overcome it to
become the best in their own respective fields.

            As a conclusion, health and future
relate among each other. Ones must have a marvellous physical and mental
health. In recent studies, it has shown that a good mental health will give a
great physical health. Thus, everyone should be able to create their own
awareness on the health of both aspects. We also should never underestimate the
power of health towards our own future as great health will provide us more
opportunities to obtain a better and promising future. In addition, abide
ourselves from thinking our own personal future achievement. Have a wider
perspectives on how we can contribute to the worldwide improvement and
advancement in multiple aspects and let’s start that with having a great