Health today can say they know someone who

Health issues. Be it mental or physical can cause a toll on individuals. And i’m sure many of you in this room today can say they know someone who might have experienced anxiety or has depression, or uses a wheelchair on a daily basis.  Along with the personal personal struggles with disorders such as anxiety for example, many people find it hard to fit into society and do the everyday normal things that others take for granted. Stigma that is related to health issues is still a huge issue in our society because of the way we have been taught to look at things through influencers such as media and even the people we chose to surround ourselves with.  Stigma can be defined as the negative stereotype and discrimination from a behavior that can result from this negative stereotype.

Some individuals have been denied adequate housing, health insurance and jobs due to their history of mental illness. Due to the stigma associated with the illness, many people have found that they lose their self-esteem and have difficulty making friends. Sometimes, the stigma attached to health conditions is so pervasive that people who suspect that they might have a mental health condition for example such as maybe depression are unwilling to get help because of what others might think of them, the others being family, friends, and society as a whole. Some restrictions and/or obstacles that individuals with health issues face in our society and the ones im going to further explain are things such as trying to find employment, not choosing to get professional help because they are afraid of what others might think of them and lastly isolating themselves from others due to feeling left out Wanting to learn as much as I could on this topic I decided to go to someone who has first handedly faced stigma around her illness. My mom is paralyzed and has been for the past seven years and I can say that there have been times when I myself feel awkward going to public places with all the people staring at us but then I imagine how she might feel. You don’t really notice all the negative attitude that people display to those with mental and or physical illnesses until you know someone who has experienced it or have experienced it yourself.

My mom