Healthy and was dealing with my anxiety which

Healthy active living is who I am. Being active has helped me with my mental health and helped me socially. Before I started being active I was quiet and nervous. Being active has changed my life. Being active can change how you feel, help you relieve stress and help you focus less on negativity. It makes you feel happier and makes you focus on all the positivity in the world. From the beginning of the course to the end, muscular strength has been my weakest component of my fitness testing. I always felt shaky and weak after a long period of time. Cardio endurance was my strongest component of my fitness testing. From day one i’ve been really strong with keeping my pace and focusing on my breathing.  During working on my fitness i’ve improved on all my 4 components of fitness. While working on my fitness I started eating breakfast every morning and ate a healthy lunch. This helped me stay in shape and have energy to finish my workout program. My mental health slowed me down a little bit dealing with stressful situations but I managed to motivate myself to finish what I started.  I wanted to be stronger at the end of the term because I felt like I could have done a lot better than what I achieved. Through some of the term of fitness I was ill and was dealing with my anxiety which made my mark suffer. I’m not that happy with my results because I feel like I am more fit and could’ve done a lot better. There wasn’t much connection because on my home fitness program I worked most on my cardio and focused more on my endurance while last month I worked more so on my flexibility. SMART goals incorporated with my goal settings because I set a specific goal and a goal that I was able to complete. I wanted to work on improving my muscular endurance and I completed that goal by doing 2 minutes of push ups, sit ups than a minute static. This improved my results. I think writing down or having a thought of mind to plan out all the fitness you need to improve on it’ll help you reach your goal because you will know what is needed to be completed to achieve your goals. It also helps to have friends help motivate you to do your workout everyday. Having a workout planed help me so much to achieve my goals. Being organized is very important because it helps to ensure you’re doing your workout everyday such as setting a reminder on your phone to remind you to workout.I plan on maintaining to improve my fitness by exercising as much as I can and eating the right food. I’m going to continue to eat 4 food groups for my breakfast and 3 for lunch and supper. Dealing with mental health daily effects me alot. When i’m feeling anxious I enjoy staying in bed and not moving. This affected my program because when I felt this way I didn’t want to be active which slowed me down. Everyone goes through obstacles in their life so I always try my best to cope with anything that comes my way. Life can be hard but you always need that state of mind that helps you realize that life can also be filled with lots of opportunity