Heaney and Atwood

Heaney, the Author
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Poet. Born 1939 (before WWII). Born in Ireland, a nation divided by religion (Born into Northern Independent Catholic part). Man’s man persona.

Atwood, the Author
Novelist and poet. Born 1939 (before WWII). Born in Canada, part of the British Empire which was divided by language and culture. Feminist author.

Heaney Wrote
Digging, The Graubelle Man, Punishment, The Skunk, Anything can Happen, and Casualty. All Post-Modern.

Atwood Wrote
Miss July Grows Older. Post-Modern.

“Digging” Discussion
Poetry of the senses
Meta-poem on masculinity
Honor’s family legacy

“The Grauballe Man” Discussion
Discusses Bog Person (executed 2k+ years ago)
Soul gone, self still there (i.e. brain and red hair)

“Punishment” Discussion
Suggests bog people were killed for transgression.
Claims that woman was killed and had head shaved from adultery

“Anything Can Happen” Discussion
How could Sept. 11 happen?
Invoked Greek and Roman myths
Fate determined by indifferent Gods

“Miss July Grows Older” Discussion
Miss July: Scantily clad models, objectified woman
Form of dramatic monologue (tells own story)
Female object to female subject
Now looks out, not only looked at

“Casualty” Discussion
Heaney’s friend O’Neil killed in bar bombing (disobeyed curfew) by Republican troops (sympathized with)
Crisis of identity
Narrator misses funeral
Moral dilemma
Individual vs. Community