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      Hedda Gabler which is written by Henrik Ibsen is known for a play that was written in a time strictly where women played as a “perfect housewife”. They were chosen by how hard they work and how they made the man look form what they did. However throughout this play Ibsen wrote it in a way which symbolizes feminism, which explains the symbolism of this work. He allows women to have more freedom and rights and to fight for what they need. As he has all women show some type of leadership feminism is mainly expressed through Hedda Gabler, Mrs.Elvsted, and a little is seen in Aunt Tesman. As Hedda uses manipulation the other two use independence.        Hedda is a unique character as she uses manipulation to get to what she wants. As she comes from a very luxurious and higher-class life she isn’t expected to wake up early and clean or cook at any given point. She is the “alpha leader” of her family and says what should be done. Whatever she wants it is given to her. At one point in the play Hedda mentions “…oh dear judge, I’ve been so desperately bored” as she explains the life she is living she starts to manipulate people and makes her own little game out of each character she manipulates. Going more in depth with the story she takes things a little to far by starting to hurt the people around her, by spreading lies, hiding personal items and even convincing characters to start drinking again. Overall her manipulation is twisted and wicked in all types of ways.      Mrs. Elvsted and Aunt Tesman both end up showing independence in women back in the days as both achieve in what they dream in. As the play begins to develop we learn that Mrs. Elvsted has run away from her husband in order to create and have a better life without him in it. She finds herself going after Eilert and both create a connection in which Hedda gets jealous due to the amount of feminism Mrs. Elvsted shows throughout the process, which is another example of how Hedda planned to humiliate Eilert. While that is happening Aunt Tesman’s husband dies and as she shows her feminism she wishes for another person to take of and to keep her busy.     Hedda Gabler was a play written specifically to show that back in the days women could have feminism with them although it wasn’t found often. Ibsen creates a play with three ladies that prove that there are many types of ways those women were different and how they expressed their feminism. He allowed those women to carry more rights and freedom and to fight for what they believe in no matter the journey they have to take