Hello the good human conditions we also are

Hello friends, acquaintances and family . We all knew 2016 was a year of losses, so many people from the entertainment industry were lost. I lost my mother (That’s the hardest one for me) I kissed that year goodnight and sailed into 2017 with great hope of better days to come. And then it happened, (sometimes happiness comes in small packages, all bundled up and smiling at me), the guarantee of new life, a gift so rare that it erased my sadness. My granddaughter arrived, carrying the wisdom of the universe in her brown eyes, allowing my grief to become a bittersweet memory. Thank you, 2017…You gave without taking, you rose above the chaos of the nation and delivered a completeness to me that had eluded me. You also gave me an understanding that everything is as it should be. The bad is always replaced with good, it is not the good times that define us but rather the bad ones. This is an optimism that I will try and instill in the young mind of my granddaughter, the art of finding something good in the worst of storms. When I look in her eyes I see the future as well as the past. The continuum of life represented in her and by her. As for 2017 , I give you my humble gratitude, I hope that if you took something from someone in your space of a year, that you kindly allow the new year to give back something good, something to love, something to bring hope. You see, 2018, we are many souls enjoying the human condition of love, kindness, compassion, empathy and integrity. It’s just that at times we forget to be all of these things, circumstances create rifts in our ability to be great. Along with all of the good human conditions we also are not immune to the polar opposites of these great qualities . We will have sadness, we will have moments of self pity, self doubt and loss… and we absolutely need these lows, it’s the only way to know the good when you see it. So, therein lies the silver lining, if you find yourself in a bad place, make the best of it, not the worst. Be brave when you’re expected to be afraid, be honest when every fiber of you knows it might hurt a little. Try and walk in another’s shoes before you decide who they are. Always find something good in every situation. Imagine the worst scenario in any situation and you will always be prepared to conquer it or at best not be defeated by it. I look forward to 2018 with great hope that I can be everything that is good in me, lose what hurts me, forgive what haunts me and love … love what loves me, and love those who don’t. In the end, it’s the most valuable asset. Thanks for hanging out with me throughout the year, you guys are what’s great in this world and I love you all. May the New Year bring you everything.