hey this video is a lot different than

hey guys it’s great for green-apple pinkie and this video is a lot different than most of my videos this is an instructional video tutorial video on how to paint a room so we started out with prepping the room so pay attention and try to keep up start your prep by clearing the room of as much furniture as possible remember an empty room is the easiest room to paint next use drop pots or plastic to cover floors newspaper and old bed sheets should only be used as a last resort alright the next thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to check your walls for any hole or nail pops or even cracks and you want to get those patched right away the reason why is most of those things are going to take a little bit of time to dry so do those now and then you can continue prepping and then why are prepping that will dry then you come back to stand okay so here we have your typical patch um we didn’t put a screw all the way through the drywall but you’ve got your basic makings of a of a nail hole of some sort um this is what I really kind of wanted to focus on you’ve got a little bit of this buzz from the drywall hanging out here and what most homeowners do and even I see a painters experience pan will go right over this and try to patch it and what happens is this buzz just keeps popping right back out so we’re going to take care of that so what you’re going to want to do is take the back side of your knife I’ve got my putty knife here so you’re going to take the back side you just want to get that in a little bit and make a decent little dent it’s easier to fill a hole than it is to try to float over something that’s sticking out from the surface we’re going to use spackle here you know most professional painters will use drywall compound but I know you guys probably aren’t professional painters and you’re going to use spackle so that’s what I’m going to use so we’re just going to put that back over the top of it like that then we’re going to do what’s called pulling it tight most homeowners are going to leave it like that and then they’re just going to try to come back and sand it and most spackle are extremely difficult to sand so what we do is we take it and we pull it super tight now there’s a good chance that when this dries it’s going to shrink and then I’ll just give it one more coat and then we’ll be a-okay okay so you’ve just spackled your nail holes and now the next step if you’re going to paint window trim or door trim now’s the time to at least do the edges you want to do the edges so that though you can get a little bit of that on the wall you don’t have to be perfect you can paint the edges get some of that on the wall and it will dry up while we’re continuing to do the rest of our prep we’ll try to be super efficient if you’re going to do baseboard I would wait till the very end he’s all your walls first then pay the baseboards over and ahead and right into the next step which is taping off the base okay so basically what we’re going to do now we’re going to take off the base and we have one and a half inch masking tape I know a lot of homeowners the blue tape and if you’re going over a freshly painted surface that’s probably a good idea but this is not freshly painted and the yellow tapes have a lot better occasion so I like to use yellow tape as opposed to the blue tape it just sticks better last longer um so we’re going to use that here not the first thing you want to do is get the dust airbrush or even a rag um you want to dust off this top edge because if it’s bullet dust even with some good sticky tape it’s not going to want to stick the last thing you’re going to want to do if when you pull this tape because you think your room is done and then you see all this paint bleeding onto the base and then you go oh my gosh now we got to clean that it’s really a bummer when I have it so dust your face off really good clean it um you don’t have to use a wet rag just get the dust off so and get a nice clean surface to make this stick so we’re going to get um usually I’ll use like a four or five foot piece but for this purpose we’re going to use just maybe a 3 3 foot piece here and you’re just going to want to use your thumb or your finger and dry this day as best as you can on the top of this – I know I just made some real easy and for most of you you’re going to get some of it on the wall and you’re not going to get it fully on this very small maybe 1/8 inch piece of trim on top but eventually you’re going to get it so again after you do that push it down with your finger take your 5 in 1 or you put a knight and just give it a nice firm push on there when that again will help you stick to the base and when you pull this if you won’t have any issues so I’m going to finish off with us to this room you guys go ahead and try that on your own while taping use fans to dry patches or door edges all right door frame edges most professional that I know do not take them off they would rather just cut it in with a brush they think it’s faster love a little of luck I used to think that way too so I started doing it it’s faster it’s cleaner it’s neater so you’re going to want to do the exact same thing um pretty much safe process and taping off the base you want to have a nice clean edge and just make sure you press it down nice and tight and keep it straight so I’m not going to go any further than that but I’m going to start taping off my door frames and the next thing we’re going to do is we are going to take off all of our outlet covers and light switch covers after you have all the covers removed make sure that you tape them off next send any patches and walls if needed so happy you say that your pageant you’re going to want to prime if you can buy drywall primers that’s the best thing to use if not you can use flat paint that are usually prime amount to any kind of old paint even if it’s the wrong color if it’s flat that will usually prime it out so reason why you want to prime your patches especially if you’re going to use any kind of Sheen in your paint like eggshell or satin do semi-gloss uh when you have a patch or even any kind of fresh drywall when you paint with a gloss or any kind of thing to have the Sheen ones that eggshell reasons that my claws are satin something like that where the patch is it’s going to so close to that sheet up and so when you look at the wall you see nice shiny even smooth color and and then you’ll see this patch which is going to look dry and kind of really mess up your old wall so you’re definitely going to want to pack up prime your patches at this point your prep work is done and it’s time for paint to see how it’s done watch part 2 for a step by step principle version of what you’ve just seen visit us at go green apple comm and clip on the painting tips for homeowners page English (auto-generated)