Hi, safe. Little did they know that this

Hi, my name is Pri and today I will be discussing the theme of fear and distrust portrayed in the short story Once Upon a Time by Nadine Gordimer. To start, what is fear?  Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and is likely to cause pain. Fear can often hurt you more than the object you are fearful of. The hurt is not necessarily physical but is also mental. When you fear something you are likely to psych yourself out unreasonably. For example, you think of the worst case scenario when the chance of that event actually happening are slim to none. As well as when you have so much fear it may come back to haunt you. This is proven in Once Upon A Time. The parents took every precaution out of fear of something which they thought was bound to happen yet never did. Even though it never did happen they kept becoming more and more scared. Their fear blinded them from others struggles as well. For instance, when the wife wants the housemaid to go out and offer bread and tea to the homeless and she says ‘these were loafers and Tsotsi, who would come and tie her up’. The story also relates to fear coming back to haunt you since the father and mother decided that they need the most ‘effective’ and dangerous protection possible, thinking this would be what keeps their family safe. Little did they know that this is what would hurt them the most with it ending up killing their son. This story reminds me most of the situation with Donald Trump and him building a wall. He is trying to protect his country from what he thinks is such an imminent danger but there is no need to. America was doing fine without their wall and there has been no evident change. He took an extreme precaution for something that isn’t even danger. This fear caused him to practically waste 15 billion American dollars. This is how fear will come back to haunt him. That is a great deal of money down the drain in my opinion. Back to fear causing you to not see others struggles. Because of this wall and new laws families are being torn apart at the cost of what. Other people’s supposed safety?