Homework, I love you

-Ken Nesbit

Rhyme scheme of poem

The effect of the rhyme scheme of the poem
-Point:The rhyme scheme makes the poem sound like a pleasant song.-Evidence:The rhyme scheme is a regular rhyme scheme that has a pattern of A,A,B,B,C,C, so on so forth.

-Explanation:This makes it sound like a song when read aloud. The persona sounds as though he is singing a love song to his homework as a result.-Link:Therefore,the rhyme scheme makes the poem sound like a song.

Things that are personified in the poem
(1) -Object: Homework.

-Human characteristics: “You’re the best”(2) -Object: Homework -Human characteristics: “You’re great”

How the persona feels about homework
-Point:I think that the persona hates homework.-Evidence:The persona says, “Homework,I love you…of course,that;s because I’m completely insane”.-Explanation:This shows that, although the persona says that he loves homework,he is actually being sarcastic,he talks about how it makes him so stressed that he feels crazy.-Link:Thus,I feel the persona hates homework.

Possible theme of poem
-Homework causes students to be stressed.

Tone of poem