Honestly, form a government in which people choose

   Honestly, at first I don’t understand what
the article entitled “A Damaged Culture” written by James Fallows. The words
are difficult to understand. I just read the article and I have nothing to do
with it. But then again, as I read again the article, I was mesmerized what
happen years ago. This article shows what happen in the past and it shows what
is the state of the Philippines nowadays.


the start of the articles, it said that the term of Marcos was out and Cory
Aquino was in. Marcos term lasted for 20 years (1966-1986) and in that long
time, based on what I heard on news and other acquaintances of my relatives,
they said that the term of Ferdinand Marcos was a huge deluge in their lives. On
September 21, 1972, Ferdinand Marcos imposed a Martial Law here in the
Philippines due on the circumstances in our country.


to the Marcos’ Martial Law, many Filipinos suffered. And then Cory Aquino (also
known as Revolutionary President of the Philippines, and the First woman president
of the Philippines) came in the picture. They said that the arrival of Cory
Aquino is a blessing to their lives. Because of it, they were freed from the
hands of Marcos. As for Marcos, it is Martial Law and Dictatorship but in the
term of Cory Aquino it was Democracy. As per the definition of Merriam Webster,
Democracy is a form a government in which people choose leaders by voting and
democracy is an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally
and has equal rights. Democracy has returned to the Philippines because of
Corazon Aquino. But this just merely opinion on what I heard and what I saw
because I am not born when they were in charge of the Philippines.


is a sentence in the article that stirred my attention, “That culture can make
a naturally rich country poor.” As for this sentence, maybe I can agree to it,
because of the volume of the colonizers in our country. Just for example, the
Spaniards. The colonizers brought their culture here in the Philippines, and
the Filipinos accepted it. And in the end, our own culture died. Our own
culture is not practice or exercise. It is being replaced by the culture
brought by the colonizers.


I am thinking what I may put in this reaction paper, I suddenly thought of its
own title the damaged culture; just what like I said on the first part, culture
is being damaged by the colonizers. Who to blame? Is it the colonizers or is it
we the Filipinos?


saying, I don’t know who to blame. Maybe I am just guilty. Because people
nowadays specifically teenagers are hooked up in the Korean dramas and Korean
popular music. And people are buying things, Made in Japan and a like. For
example chocolate, some of us choose the imported one and just ignore the
chocolate that is made in Philippines. 


like me, I watched Korean dramas to free from my stress because it is my stress
reliever and this way I can spend my leisure time. But for my opinion, it is
okay as long we will never forget our country.


Post-Kleptocratic Economy, something came up to my mind when I read those
words, Mesokurtic, Leptokurtic, and Platykurtic popped in my mind, because they
are sounds like. I encountered these words last semester on our Math Subject.
These words are type of lines that shows the how peaked or how flat the
distribution may be.


by reading the “The Post-Kleptocratic Economy” I am thinking if it is related
to the distribution of our economy. I searched the word Kleptocratic on my
dictionary, to clear out things and find out if it related to words that I
mentioned earlier or not. According to Thesaurus dictionary, Kleptocratic is a
government ruled by the thieves and it is a government or state in which those
in power exploit national resources and steal (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/kleptocratic).
Kleptocratic, as the definition mentioned above, Philippines have politicians
who are corrupt. They used the money of the people for their own sake.


the article, this subtopic shows how damaged is our economy. To support this
subtopic, it also gave some examples that show how bad our economy is. The
Filipinos can’t have some houses, they can’t eat food thrice a day, and some of
them can’t afford a quality education. As you can see, the unemployment rate of
the Philippines is very high due to the poverty. And because of this, we have
many OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers in order to support the needs of their
families. They sacrificed abroad in order to fulfill their needs.


as I watched news, and that is very timely and related to this, President
Duterte will ban OFWs abroad. And of course Filipinos who are working there
complained. Why President Duterte do that? Because of the Filipinos who were
maltreated by the other people. In view of this, that if this will be true, the
government will give a stable occupation for those who will be affected by the


 I don’t think that the economy of the
Philippines is getting better as the news said, because we have so many street
dwellers in our country especially on Manila Area. This shows that may families
do not have their own house and lot or just a house to stay in. They supposed
to be in their homes. And sometimes, these street dwellers can be used in some
crimes. If they have some occupation then they will not be called street


quotable quote caught my attention, as said by one of the economists, “Exploiting
natural resources has always been the base here,” originally, Philippines is
rich in its natural resources and trees. It has rich, arable lands, different
greenery and fauna, broad coastlines, and wealthy mineral stores.


spite of the wealthy common assets of the Philippines, the government is
limiting its misuse. A logging ban is forced on numerous zones of the nation
and as it were in select ranges are “economical logging” permitted.


Mountain of the Philippines, this is mountain of wastes and garbage.  There’s a song entitled “Anak ng Pasig”,
there are lyrics saying, “Kalat doon, kalat dito.” Our landfills can hold so
much waste. On the off chance that we keep creating so much trash and waste, we
will run out of room. We cannot store our garbage anymore. We should minimize
the use of plastic bags and have a proper waste management.


should impose the 3Rs namely: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reducing or
diminishing is basically making less waste and garbage. It’s too the leading
strategy for keeping our mother earth clean. By making less waste in the
beginning, eventually there’s less mess to clean up. For instance, dodging
items wrapped in plastic or a bit much bundled in boxes and sacks is an
extraordinary way to create less waste. You’ll too preserve vitality and
natural resources.


is taking ancient things that you might consider throwing away and finding a
new way to utilized the things. From the word itself, Reuse, consider the
things that you might use them again. If you think that you can use again that
thing don’t throw it up. This way you can help to diminish the usage of waste.
Reusing makes a difference in circumstances where it isn’t conceivable to


is the most regularly publicized of the 3Rs, so it’s likely to listen of it
sometime recently. Recycling is changing ancient items into unused ones so they
can be exchanged. For illustration, the plastic bottles, it can be used as a
lantern and decorations in your house. Cans can be used as a flower pot.


change is one of the major issues that we are presently stood up to with. It
pertains to severe changes in our environment as appeared by rising ocean
levels, more grounded and more visit storms, and other unordinary calamities
which are caused by the devastation of our natural resources.


famous line was from our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, “Kabataan ang
pag-asa ng bayan” (The youth is the hope of our nation). It is exceptionally
straightforward however difficult to demonstrate- since of its profound
thought. This saying is not great these days because of current issues that the
country is experiencing right now. Just like I mentioned earlier corruption and
poverty these are the 2 main problems of our country.


do things that are immoral and things that are against the law. The rate
continues to rise in women who are teenagers who are pregnant and not married.
They are engaging in pre-marital sex. It’s dishonorable to see that at their
youthful age presently they’ve learned and do illegal things in order to live.
They are engaged in snatching, taking prohibited drugs, stealing, and indeed
murder. The number of minors presently kept in DSWD since the illegal
wrongdoings they’ve committed rises each year.


of the children are constrained to work instead of playing and studying in
schools. It is just like they are the bread winners for their family. At the
very young age, they experience to work in order to provide some money to offer
assistance their parents to support their everyday fundamental needs.


generation, new hope. Do not forget as long as you live there’s hope. We can
prove it that we are the hope of our country. Just don’t give up for your
dreams. That’s why we ought not to let our lives be tossed because of our
problems take it as a challenge. Our victory will be our country’s radiance. It
is bequest to keep in mind and to act upon. So let’s hold hands and reach out
to each other, together we will able to live on.

summarize it all, damaged culture, there’s also saying that everything happens
for a reason. So maybe what happened in our country and what’s happening to our
country there’s a reason. But do you think if those events were totally
opposite of what happened in the past years? Yes I think that too. Things will
be different these days.