Honors English III Poetry

what does the speaker in Raleigh’s poem point out about many of the details in Marlowe’s poem?
they will not last

how many lines in an octave?

where did the pastoral tradition originate
ancient greece

what is a sonnet sequence?
A series of sonnets on a single theme

in sidney’s sonnet 39, what metaphor does the speaker use to say that sleep heals our sorrows?
the balm of woe

which view of nature does marlowe’s poem present?
nature is a source of beauty and joy

what tribute does the speaker of sidney sonnet 39 promise to pay to sleep
thou shalt in me.. stella’s image see

the theme of sindey’s sonnet 31 has to do with
hopless love

who is the speaker in raleigh’s poem?
the shepherdess addressed in marlowe’s poem

characteristics of a sonnet
it has a theme, regular meter, specific rhyme scheme

“is constant love deemed but want of wit” what is the speaker saying?
is faithful love just foolishness?

how many lines does a sonnet have?

how many lines in a couplet?seset? quatrain?

which of these modern readers is most likely to identify the theme in raleigh’s poem?
someone who has fallen out of love

which monarch of england broke with the catholic church and started the church of england?
henry VIII

what is the conflict in sonnet 31?
it is the speaker’s internal conflict based on his love life

which adjective most clearly describes the setting in ” the passionate shepherd to his love?

greatest monarch of england is considered to be?
elizabeth I

how were actors and plays seen around the time of renaissance?

characteristics of pastoral writing
shepherd’s addressing or describing a beloved shepherd a natural setting that seems perfect simple pleasures and games

which of these modern readers is most likely to identify the theme of marlowe’s poem?
a young man proposing marriage

in the ” passionate shepherd to his love” what is the speakers attitude toward his beloved?

to which audience did the pastoral poem most appeal?
people living in cities

whom did the speaker in marlowe’s poem address?
a shepherdess that he loves

who is the speaker in marlowe’s poem?
a simple shepherd

how is raleigh’s poem related to marlowe’s poem?
raleigh’s is a response to marlowe’s poem

in the “passionate shepherd to his love” what does the speaker urge his love to do?
come live with him in the country

what word describes the attitude of the speaker in raleigh’s poem?

what didn’t happen during english renaissance
england became a democrayc

what does renaissance mean