Horror poster anaylsis of the shining

1980 The shining poster is effective at showing horror as you can see the psycho killer on the left and the scared woman on the right. The wording is simple and stands out by using binary opposites white on black and black on white. The text at the top is describing how horrific the film is by having a play on words by saying the tide of terror swept across America meaning lots of people seen the film in the whole of America and now now the tide of terror is here in the UK.

The picture shown gives a good explanation of what the film is about you see a psycho man on the left with an axe stuck in the door with a disturbing smile and you see the opposite on the right a scared woman with her mouth open screaming holding a small knife in front of her to protect herself. The picture is technologically simple as there are no special effects apart from the knife looking blurry during the 80s they had the special effects but choice not to use them much as this film is a psychological horror and works well without the effects.

From the man on the left his mouth is open and looks like he is saying something to woman to make her worry even more. His eyes look like they are looking at her but the door is in the way and she is staring at the axe. From just the mans face the audience can tell he is insane from his eyes and mouth. The camera angle used is side on so you can see both rooms divided by the door this is effective as you can see both their reactions in one shot.

You get a close up of the man on the left and can see the woman on right in the background this is showing the man is more dominant over the woman and shows the woman to be weak and hiding away from the man. The poster shows you the man is the main focus of the film as it makes him out to be the killer and shows a close-up of his face. The shining was produced by Warner brothers so you have high expectations of the film being great as Warner Brothers is one of the world’s largest producers of film and television entertainment.

You know the quality of the film is going to be good as there will be a lot of money put into it and good actors used. The poster may seem technologically limited but shows it can be effective if used properly. The woman on the right of the poster is portrayed as scared useless woman as she is almost curled up in the corner of the room not doing anything to stop the man breaking the door down to kill her. She is hiding behind a small knife hoping it will protect her from him.

It is common of that time the 80s for woman in horror movies to be the victims and portrayed as scared not standing up for themselves but compared to modern day horrors that is not case. Women are much more defensive and not as scared to stand up to the killer. The audience for the shining would be between 20s-50s as it is a psychological horror film and many teenagers now would want to see lots of blood and pointless killings and may not appreciate the psychological horror film.

From the picture it is slightly misleading as many teenagers may think it’s a man with an axe breaking the door down the film must have lots of killing involving an axe. The audience would be middle to upper because of the director Stanley Kubrick or the Stephen King novel and have probably seen his other films and have a good idea of what to expect from the film. The film would not target a single sex but targets both males and females as it has some killing which may interest the men and has a psychological theme for the females.

From the poster it may target men because of the psycho man axing the door down ready to kill the woman. 2003 The Freddy vs. Jason poster is effective at showing the slasher horror. It does this by showing two killers face to face with just their weapons keeping them apart. From the picture you can see the two dark characters one has knifes on the end of his finger and the other has a big knife and a hockey mask. The text in the middle is separating the two characters apart and read Freddy Vs Jason which give the two men there names.

The poster is set out like a boxing match poster with the two challengers either side and their names in the middle. From the poster you know the two characters are going to fight and try to kill each other with their weapons. The man on left is looking angry whereas the guy looks like he is in a trance and fixed to the other guys eyes. The poster only shows the characters faces and their weapons and the rest in the darkness this is effective as the darkness sets the tone and makes it seem more evil.

From the weapons in the poster you can tell the film is going to be a slasher horror film and would make you think the two characters are going to be looking for each other throughout the film. The technology used is very limited but makes it look good and original. The camera angle is side on view of the characters with the faces and the weapons being dominant of the poster. The red text symbolises blood as this is what you expect from a slasher horror film. Freddy vs. Jason was produced by New Line Cinema one of Hollywood’s major film studios so you can expect the film to be a success.

The company has lots of money so you can expect the film to have a big budget and have good effects which is essential to a slasher film to contain lots of gore and killing scenes. New Line Cinema has produced the poster to gives a good impression of what to expect from the film as the two psychos are face to face and have weapons between them the audience will expect it to be like other Freddy or Jason films but more gory now the two famous psycho are going head to head. The actors playing the parts will be the same actors from the other slasher film.

The poster shows the two men’s faces staring at each other the man on the right is hiding behind a hockey mask and you can only see his red eyes this makes it scarier as you don’t see his facial expression. The two characters conform to your usual horror slasher movie killer as they have a distinct feature about them such as the hockey mask or the hat and sharp spikes on his hands. In the modern day slasher films the killers are becoming more masked or distinct to previous slasher films such a psycho.

Modern day slasher are always covered up or masked from the start to finish. The audience for the film would be aimed at teenagers 15-18 years old as the modern day slasher is more teenagers orientated and usually has teenage main characters. The audience should have a good understanding of who Freddy and Jason are from their previous separate films. The film should draw in those who watched Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street films and those who watched Jason Voorhees from the Friday 13th films.

The films audience would be males as it contains lots of killing and not much of a plot. The poster shows the weapons of the two psycho and you would expect lots of killings and gory scenes this would be seen as the right approach to a slasher film but compared to earlier slasher films such as psycho the killings in that would seem weak compared to this film this is due to the media showing the real life problems on the news such as wars. The Medias tolerance levels have increased and the films have gone gorier due to this. Freddy vs.

Jason is still an 18 due to its graphic killings but in the 80s it would not have been allowed to be shown unless it toned down the violence to psycho’s level. From the poster you can guess that the story is about the two killers after each other by the way their positioned and the text reading Freddy VS Jason. You can see how they are going to try to kill each other by the weapons in the poster. Using the hypodermic syringe theory the audience will be looking at the poster and will want to go see the film to see who wins and how they win.