How any goal you set for yourself. Practice

How do we get anywhere without goals? Nothing to drive you to where you want to be? Goals are important to our daily lives because they give us the passion to pursue a dream. It gives us hope for the future and the belief that we can do it. How did the world record breakers get where they are? Did they not have a goal? Did they have a goal? So many questions. So many things we want to know. Maybe we should start focusing on our own lives and answering those questions ourselves. Everyone is their own person. From a distance, we present ourselves like so many other people all over the world. Get closer, though, and you start to see the shadows underneath. The obstacles lurking in the darkness. The impediment standing in the way of our speech. Scheming about how we can knock over the impenetrable, unyielding, resistant barrier that will not vacate no matter how powerful the plead. Sometimes perfection is not the answer. The silent fervor of a diligent, young teen cannot compare to the magnanimity of a person who has been places. Not to
college, not to work. Experience. A person who has endured hardships day in and day out.
Everyone wants the perfect score. The glimmering red glare of the A+ resting on the paper. It may seem seldom that people are inconceivably delighted in taking a break. What do you mean taking a break? A break from hard work. Sometimes working too hard sets us up for failure. Maybe we are looking in all the wrong places. Maybe these obstacles are standing in the way of our happiness instead of our academics. Do you hallucinate about graduating from Harvard with a doctorate degree? It may seem unreachable at the time, but you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.
Practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes improvement. There is no such thing as perfect. That guy at the top of your class? He is not perfect. There is always something wrong. Do not assume that they have a perfect life and the perfect brains to get to where they want to be. There are too many dreams. There are not enough plans. Dreams symbolize something you wish you could do but it is unlikely of it happening. Instead of chasing dreams, assemble a plan. You will reach every goal you set for yourself if you do not give up. Do you want a 4.0? Then get it. Don’t just say you want something and then not go after it. That is the reason why most people don’t reach their goals.
Nothing is impossible. The key to success is more listening and less talking. Absorb the
knowledge of others as much as possible.
I want a 4.0 GPA. I’ve failed a couple tests. My grades have gone down. But I won’t stop until I get where I want to be. I can never be fully satisfied when I settle for less. I want to make varsity boys for wrestling. As long as I work the hardest I can possibly work, I’ll make it. I want to get a
full ride to a four-year university. It doesn’t matter where to. I want to be a three-sport athlete. I want to be a CIF state champion. A national champion. Olympic gold medalist. I want all these things. I’m not going to want them forever. I’m going to get them. Eventually. I am not going to stop until I get there.