How my Faith affects me

I would define myself as a smart, loving, and helpful person who always put God first in my life. Most of my character is due to my religion, Christianity. In this religion a lot of support from God is provide. This helps me on a daily basic which helps me in certain areas of my life. My religion affects me in many ways in leadership, society, and culture.

Christianity helps me a lot in my leadership area. It helps me to communicate with the people that I am leading and as well as allow the surrounding to be in a peaceful environment and manner. My religion helps me conduct myself in a godly manner and treat my group in a respectful way. It helps me set a guideline in which the group and I follow to be at our best. As well as helps me with my insincerity that I have when I lead. This is due to the fact the God is there with me helping me along the road. This is how my religion affects my leadership.

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Christianity helps me a lot in society as well as it does in my leadership area. Society can be a cruel and hurtful place which can be well discoursing and can make even the strongest people will inferior to the world. But with the help of God it can help me get through it. As a stated before God gives me strength in my time of need in this world as well as gives me direction and guidance on how to reaction to some situations. For hard situations in life I can always look towards the scripture “All things are possible through Christ with strengthens me.” This is how Christianity helps me in society.

Christianity helps me as well in my culture as with the other two areas, leadership and society. In my day-to-day life I have many patterns or traditions I have and do with my family. These traditions are only possible thanks to my religion, Christianity. For one I pray on a daily basic with my family. I respect my parents, even though they can easily get on my nerves. I have respect for my elders. I go to church on Sunday to praise God. I give offering when I go to church. I follow the Ten Commandments. I put God first in my life everyday. I try my best to reframe from sinning. I try my best to help people when in need on a daily basic no matter what I am doing. This is how my religion affects my culture.

Thanks to my religion Christianity I am able to be the best I can be in life. No matter what arises I know I can defeat it. I know my religion helps me to succeed in leading and giving direction to my peers and other people I meet. Thanks to my religion I have a great morality and great traditions revolving around Christianity.