How solve social issues. Cimperman (2015) discusses the

How do we go fourth with our
problems? One of the many positive methods used in today’s society is Social Analysis.

People of faith often use this tool to solve social issues. Cimperman (2015)
discusses the importance of social analysis by understanding the issue in order
to understand the individual parts of the problem. Getting underneath the
problem leads to how and where it originated from including the historical and structural
aspects. Cimperman (2015) also addresses this method as a way of avoiding
biases and unveiling blind spots, revealing who, why and what happened.

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These questions connect back to the values and beliefs of an individual.

Social analysis is also referred to
as the Pastoral Circle. A series of steps are included in this spiral including
theological reflection, action, insertion (experience), and social analysis.  

The pastoral circle is a simple methodology for experiencing, analyzing,
reflecting upon and responding to committed actions to a socially experience or
challenge that we have encountered. The various steps of the circle mindfully –
4 moments: Insertion of experience

During this paper, I will refer to the circle as a “journey.” Our
journey through the circle is like a continuous of steps The Pastoral circle is
a spiral with each journey around the circle deepen our understanding and
knowledge in these four categories.             As
the spiral continues, we notice that there is no beginning of end, it works its
way through each phase, building new insights and enhancing strategies. Once a
phase is enhanced, we move onto the next one, yet we notice that once the
problem is somewhat solved, another problem may appear; having the process start
all over again.   In this paper, I will outline
the structured parts of the Pastoral Circle, addressing the complex challenges it
faces with our society, as well as outlining the strengths and weakness of this