How the adage goes, ‘Better late than never’,

How do companies cross
borders? How do they choose which countries to enter and what mode of entry is
most effective? For
the past 11years, I have been reflecting on these questions and trying to find
answers to them. I did not get any much suggestions from my Undergraduate
studies because I read Political Science. However, as the adage goes, ‘Better
late than never’, I am strongly convinced that this is the time that I could
find answers to these questions.  

Although I obtained my
undergraduate degree in Political Science, I have developed so much interest in
business, particular, Insurance. I developed this interest because I have been
working with an insurance company as a sales and marketing executive for two
years, where I have achieved remarkable results and work-targets.

I desire to nurture this
interest I have developed as a marketing executive in Insurance. This is my
main reason for my interest in International Business and Politics. Besides, I
am convinced that to be successful in business these days, one needs to develop
a global cognizance. Studying International Business and Politics will allow me
to see how globalisation has brought about an increasing network of businesses,
markets, people and information across countries.

Furthermore, the world’s
economy has increasingly become global. As a result, people who understand the
global context of business are on high demand: from the logistics of
international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural and ethical
issues that are filled in the practice of business around the world. By
studying international business, I desire to learn about world cultures and
societies, and be challenged to approach issues from different perspectives.

Besides, International Business
and Politics will equip me with an understanding of the different business
management practices found all over the world and also prepare me for
organisations that are engaged in business on a global scale. I
desire this program because the skills that I will develop on this course are
highly sought after by employers and there is a floating current and future
labour market demand for international business postgraduates.

I have read a lot about the department in particular
and the university in general and I am convinced that as a student of
Copenhagen Business School, I will be challenged to grow, inspired to create
and dared to excel because the master’s
degree program is taught by professors and researchers in the
department, together with professors from other universities from abroad. The
School and its
dynamic community of researchers, students, teachers and staff, together with
the department’s quality programs, active research faculty, student
oriented atmosphere, comfortable, well – quipped facilities, I believe,
will provide a conducive academic environment and offer me a better opportunity
to successfully undertake my studies.

By the end of my degree course I also expect to be a more astute, mature
person; I shall certainly take advantage of all the various social and sporting
opportunities your university offers. I look forward to the challenges and
opportunities that studying in Copenhagen will present. I value very greatly
the chance to be a part of such a renowned institution as your University is,
and I believe that in some small way I may add to its whole, through my
personality, work effort and experiences to date.