How to Write a Limerick Poetry

What is a limerick?
A five-line poem that originated in Ireland and is meant to be funny

Need to Know:
AABBA rhyme scheme:
1st, 2nd, 5th lines rhyme with 8-9 syllables
3rd, 4th lines rhyme with 5-6 syllables

Line Structure:
Line 1: usually tells the subject
8-9 syllables
Line 2: gives an action
8-9 syllables
Line 3: usually gives an action or a place
5-6 syllables
Line 4: something funny and ends the story
5-6 syllables
Line 5: something funny and ends the story
8-9 syllables

Why do we have homework after school?
This is so stupid and uncool.
I so want to cry
I want to deny
The assignment must be a fool.