How what is their degree, who they could

How to Determine Education Quality

are so many aspects that affect education quality, and with this aspect we
could determine the quality education such as individual reputation, number of
publications, and number of courses taught. Education quality could also
determined by Students achievement,

Student achievement are mainly like what this student achieve
by studying in that school, the better the student achievement then an
education is considered successful and better than other educational
institutions, achievement of students also can increase the prestige of the
school will become increasingly famous.

Teachers quality, teacher quality must also be
standardized like what is their degree, who they could teach with their
education degree, with a good teacher quality then the education provided will
be better and will have higher chance increasing the quality of students who
got taught.

Facilitations, facilitation is everything used as
supporting items in study by teacher to students, basic facilities such as
class room, chair, table, whiteboard or blackboard, and laboratory as well as
other supporting things in educational facilities, this supporting facilities
could be used as benchmarks of the quality of education to be given, just
imagine if the facilities are given just so simple then the education will be
hampered and can’t meet the needs of the students. With more advanced
facilities students could learn more thoroughly and gaining more understanding,
especially in subjects that need more experiment than just hearing from

Equal opportunity in education, the same opportunity to
receive education in a place indiscriminately shows the quality of education is
good, if the only one that could receive education is the rich, the quality of
education in that place is still in favor of the rich with that the quality of
education is poorly calculated even with adequate facilities and teachers, what
is the use of facilities and good teachers without equal opportunities for the

curriculum is a learning plan that contains objectives and teaching materials
in educational institutions, therefore with a good curriculum and prepared in
accordance with the state of education, the curriculum can be a very important
benchmark in knowing the quality of education. So based on every factor
mentioned above education could be assessed from many aspect to define its
quality, after we could determine our education quality we could begin to
improve the quality of education from which aspects are not met in our place,
if we can improve the quality of education and maintain it then the progress of
a country has been ascertained.

How Curriculum Affect Education

is considered the “heart” of any learning institution which means that schools
or universities cannot exist without a curriculum. With its importance in
formal education, curriculum has become a dynamic process due to the changes
that occur in our society. Therefore, in its broadest sense, curriculum refers
to the “total learning experiences of individuals not only in school, but in
society as well” (Bilbao et al., 2008).

is developed in order to create positive improvements in the educational
system. In terms of influencing the quality of an education I consider the most
influential is the curriculum because with the quality of a good curriculum
that is in accordance with the education condition of the country, and has a
clear goal then the curriculum can help students in having a higher quality
education, that is why curriculum must be in accordance with the state of the
education of the country so with any change in the world the curriculum will
also be changed, the development of curriculum will cause the education
received would increase in quality, and with the increasing quality of
education many aspects will be affected like the economy, It also provides
answers or solutions to the world’s pressing conditions and problems, such as
environment, politics, socio-economics, and other issues on poverty, climate
change and sustainable development. If an educational institution has an
innovative curriculum and is in line with world demand then the graduates from
that institution would find it easy to find employment as well as making that
educational institution attract more students to studying in that institution.