However the fact the channel doesn’t take enough

However moving onto the negatives of PSB, there are many to
discuss. Firstly young people are starting to abandon public service channels
and programmes, this is according to Ofcom. In 2001 it says, people between 16
and 24 (mainly adolescent years).  The
BBC for example has really good channels for young children, (CBBC and
Cbeebies). However around when they go to secondary school they develop new
interests and fall out of the old ones, which they use to have. Majority the
teenagers turn to channels like MTV and channel 4 with teen drama, which they
can relate to. Ian Parkinson, a senior executive at Radio 1. The average age of
BBC1 and BBC2 watchers is now 53 and 54 respectively the highest of the five
main TV channels. Another example of young people starting to abandon public
service channels is because Ofcom also says less educated viewers are turning
away to more serious material, this all links back to them being able to relate
to the television which they are watching. In result of this the BBC executive
says ‘we are over serving white middle class 55 year olds.’ This statement
indicates that the BBC are worried with the people which are tuning into their
channel and are looking to broaden there audience. In 2002, for example,
realising that it was hardly reaching young black people, it launched a digital
radio station called 1Xtra, modelled on pirate radio. Some people say the BBC
is struggling to draw the young viewers in due to the fact the channel doesn’t
take enough risks. Comparing BBC to channel 4, we se channel 4 showing much
more programmes aimed at a younger audience for example channel 4 aired ‘The
Inbetweeners’ which was aimed at people attending education to, the show had
lot of real life situation which majority of teenagers can relate to. Kevin
Lygo, its director of television, says that whereas Channel 4 is rebellious and
questioning, many BBC television programmes are “full of integrity and
truthfulness but also safe, respectful, backward-looking and all about
heritage”. Many of the BBC’s new and forthcoming offerings, such as “Doctor
Who”, “Robin Hood” and “Sherlock Holmes”, are all “exhumed from the distant
past”. Which teenagers of these ages are not really interested in?