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HThe Skeletal System has lots of different bones. In total there are 206 bones. That’s a lot! It is split up into two different groups. The first one is called the axial skeleton and it is made up of the bones from the head, spine, ribs, and sternum. The other group is called the appendicular skeleton, which contains the bones from the limbs, the pelvis, the shoulder blades, and the collarbones. However the three most important ones are the cranium, sternum, and the vedbrie collum. Let’s talk a little bit about the cranium or also referred to as the skull. The cranium protects the brain. What’s interesting is that the cranium is made up of two bones. The upper jaw is part of the cranium but not the lower jaw. What is the function of the cranium? The function of the cranium is that it protects the brain and it is attached to the membrane which helps to stabilize the brain. The sternum is also referred to as the breastbone. It is a long bone in the middle of the chest. The sternum is connected to the ribs using cartilage. Cartilage is spongy bone, and it provides cushion for the end of the bones.The function of the sternum is to protect the heart, lungs, and blood vessels from damage that may occur using the ribs.Lastly the vertebral column is located on the back. Not only that, it provides support to the muscles. The vertebral column is what helps you to be able to stand up and walk. The function of the vertebral column is to make sure that the spinal cord is protected. It also keeps the body weight stable while walking and standing.One disease that can affect the skeletal system is scoliosis. Scoliosis is a disease that humans can get. When you get this, there is a curve in the spine. The curves can be c- shaped or s- shaped. Most of the time there is no treatment for this disease. However, if it gets to damaged of severe it is likely to result in needing surgery. Another disease that can affect the skeletal system is osteoporosis. Once way to prevent getting osteoporosis is to keep a healthy diet. Osteoporosis makes your bones become weak and affects the bones because they are easier to snap. Some symptoms that may occur is mainly severe back pain. Osteoporosis can be crippling.One more disease that can affect the skeletal system is called arthritis. Arthritis is a disease that can happen when your getting older. Often when you get arthritis your bones and joints start to ache. This can affect the skeletal structure because the joints and bones are the cause of these. How can you treat arthritis? Typically there is no specific cure for arthritis, however the best way to help the pain is to take medicine to make the inflamed parts go down.