the same time. There is a variety used: XSKN, buy XSKN, XSKN singapore, Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover, XSKN keyboard coversProtect keyboards with XSKN coversLaptops have become a very common gadget and are used equally for professional and personal purposes. The portability of this personal computer device makes for great utility, but also renders it to risk of accidental damage. Due to its portability, there is huge risk of spillage, accidental fall or slippage, and it is essential to keep these safer than you would your desktops. Understanding the risks a laptop keyboard is prone to, XSKN Singapore manufactures handmade skin for the keyboards of different models of laptops available in the market. This keyboard skin is made of silicone and acts as a protective layer over your keyboard. It prevents any kind of spillage entering into your laptop’s keys and also keeps them clean and tidy even after long hours of working. To buy these covers, log onto the online store of Lazada where the complete range is accessible at amazing rates. The use of silicone in the production of these keyboard skins is basically to help make it completely fit every contour of the keyboard, giving it a very snug fit. These are highly durable and strong, and will properly cover the keyboard, making no difference to your typing speed. The snug fit and thin skin helps in making the keys as prominent as they are without the cover. This ensures that you get the right feel of the keys underneath. Any kind of accidental spillage remains on the cover which can be later washed with a mild soap and water, thus making the cover a lot more useful. You can also clean it after using it for some time, to maintain its hygiene. These Silicone Keyboard Skin Covers also offer anti-bacterial properties and you can also clean them using biking water to remove any residual germs, if present. They are easy to apply and comfortable to use. Buy XSKN, give your laptop a makeover The company has always focused on the quality and usability of its handmade keyboard art skin. The superb variety of these keyboard skins has been a huge crowd puller. It adds a dash of funk to your laptop while protecting it at the same time. There is a variety from the simple ones to colourful ones to choose from. The XSKN keyboard covers have the laptops’ models mentioned alongside in the description, so that the consumer is able to make an informed purchase and buy the product designed specifically for his or her laptop. The uniquely designed thin skin gives the keyboard the original feel. These covers are also available with some clearly visible prints, like that of cars etc., to bring character to your gadget. To buy these, visit Lazada, and place your orders with ease, to have them delivered at your doorstep for free, anywhere in the country. You also get 14-day free returns on all purchases.Why choose XSKN?• Ultra thin and durable silicone keyboard skins• Easy to use and easy to fit on the keyboards, covering all the contours of the system• Anti-bacterial and washable