Human in some countries. This is practically saying

Human rights is the freedom of one person which could be: Religion, culture, race, freedom of speech and several others. In this day in age countries around the world are having to plead and strive in order to achieve even one of these rights . There are many protesters who are coming together to fight for their rights. Today, I will be discussing the question Should all countries be free to decide what rights are given to their citizens? I am going to give my opinion why people should have freedom of rights and why they should not have complete freedom.

I believe that everyone should have their right to live freely but, their should be principle laws given to every one such as: no murder, education, health care. Having these basic rules will keep countries secure and safe. People should get rights though because they will make everyone equal. Without human rights people are listed in categories and are unable to change such as a person who is unable to speak for what they believe in or women aren’t able to vote in some countries. This is practically saying to everyone you can be gay here because you don’t have the right to be. 

Having been aware of rights that are being given to women and men all over the world this could possibly be bad. If rights are given this late in time to people this could cause several interventions between people who are for and against their rights which could end up with more riots and protests. 

A country which is in the UN charter is the United States. This is a very important aspect for the US as it allows the human rights to be passed although this is a great thing there is also a downside to having this as demands for having all rights will cause bigger protest for example the recent women’s march which took place around the US. Demands are getting much more frequent and this is impacting the states because Donald Trump is against women empowerment.

My final thoughts on people having rights is that everyone should be free to have their own religion and have the freedom of speech, but with saying that I also believe that a country should have a basic guideline. There should also be restrictions if people start to ‘abuse’ their rights such as non peaceful protests. Overall I think people should be able to live there lives freely but to an extent.