Humanities of the people and arouses emotions. It

Humanities is defined as the study of human culture and conditions. It brings general knowledge using analytical, critical and speculative methods and approaches of the natural sciences. The word “humanities” comes from the Latin word “humunus” which means human, refined and cultured. Generally, human being has the characteristic to think rationally and show kindness and tenderness. These factors that are contributing to the refinement of human’s basic qualities include environment, values, beliefs and experiences. Today, humanities is viewed as academic subjects that are binded by the commitment of studying human conditions using qualitative approach and defining its numerous disciplines. However, it is not considered as a technical and scientific subject. Most often than not, humanities is confused with the subjects “humanism” which is defined as a philosophical belief and “humanitarianism” which refers to charitable works and social responsibility.Humanities is an art and art is a significant factor in our daily lives. It represents the most prominent way of expressing ourselves through our own feelings. Art involves communication of different ideas and feelings through different mediums. These mediums represents a language marked by beauty and form that appeals to the mind of the people and arouses emotions. It represents the ideals, fears, dreams and hopes of the time when an individual lives. Humanities opens different ideals and shows us stories that makes sense in our life and in our world. It has the power to introduce to different people we haven’t met before, to the places we have been to and to the ideas that are too impossible for us to think of. In knowing all of these, people of the “now” can easily comprehend what are the best ways to help and make the world the better place to live in.The significance of humanities in our contemporary period is the existence of widespread understanding through creative ways. In this way, there will be more effective communication and greater demonstration of the skills in the field of art. Thereby creating the moral, spiritual and intellectual sense of the people. It is also important nowadays because it realizes the past events and behaviors of people in the past of different corners of our world. This will be the basis of many different studies about the behavior of different people depending on their place of birth. Here is how they build their respective cultures based on their world or place of birth.Connecting humanities to our fast-emerging technology and advanced society is an important bridge to preserve and value our culture. It may cause a lot of changes in our habitual way but the growth of our society is not just as restrictive. The use of technology to promote humanities would be a great tool to share it with the next generation as well.Technology is of great importance in modern times because it produces modern equipments and tools to easily share our ideas with other people and elsewhere. One example is the use of photography, we develop more efficient, innovative and more high-quality tools and products that are ways to express our ideals, culture and even our history. It started with complex tools until it developed in a simpler but more beautiful type of taking pictures. However, while developing new technologies and making it more enjoyable and efficient, it also brings out unpleasant consequences.Film is also a way of expressing feelings and emotions to the audiences. It can be used in various platforms. Nowadays, films from different country can now be seen in your home country because of technology. It helps in preserving cultures not only here in the Philippines but in other nations. It can be a way of transmitting ideas and learnings through documentaries showcasing different genres especially in the field of art and culture. Because of modern society, our local movies can also be a competitive enough to compete and win in international scenes. Through the use of these, our culture as Filipino nation can be shared to other people in other nations.There are a lot of ways to study humanities and comprehend its effectiveness and consequences. Humanities is part of our daily lives without us even knowing it. It can be the shirt you are wearing, the phone you are using, the home you are living in or the emotions you are expressing. It can be everywhere. Its has macro and micro effect to our present generation and to the society we are in. Its viability to our generation mainly depends on how we use, treat and manage it. Being able to sustain and efficiently develop our way of living through the use of humanities greatly depends on the collective effort of everyone not only those who shares the same ideals and principles but all who can be benefited from it.