Hydrogen and nitrogen. Amino acids can also be

Hydrogen is an extremely abundant element on the periodic table. It is the lightest element, and it is also colorless. The only way the human eye could see this gas would be by changing its state into liquid. The atomic number is one, and the atomic mass is 1.01. Hydrogen is a nonmetal located at the top left of the periodic table. Hydrogen can be found in many products which include explosives and plants.Hydrogen is a main source of energy in your body. When you eat, the food goes through a process of breaking down. After breaking down, it turns into hydrogen which is transported to the mitochondria to form energy. Meats, fish, poultry, dairy, and many others containing protein. These have amino acids which is a source of hydrogen, and contains carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Amino acids can also be considered methionine and cysteine.The most beneficial effect would be H2O which is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one atom of oxygen, and this creates a compound. Compounds are two or more elementary elements put together to make bond. With being a main ingredient of water, this keeps the body hydrated. The hydrogen ingredient can also help get healthier. Another accommodating way hydrogen supports the body, it that it helps your immune system fight off germs and bacteria. If hydrogen is lacking from the body, the person would become dehydrated and unhealthy due to the weak immune system.Henry Cavendish invented hydrogen in 1766. Cavendish called it “inflammable air”, because through the process of combustion, it formed water. He collected the bubbles from the combustion and examined them. He noticed that the bubbles of this gas were different from the other element. The “inflammable air” was later renamed to hydrogen which means “water-former.” Although many others in the past led to the discovery, Henry is given the credit due to the completion of the process. Henry Cavendish later became famous and known for his wonderful discovery of science.A couple interesting things about this atom would be that it makes up majority of the atmosphere, over 70%. Also, Hydrogen is in many oil related products. Another intriguing would be that if liquid hydrogen is combined with liquid oxygen, a fuel bomb can be created. The mixing between elements creates an exploding reaction when in contact with a type heat or fire. Hydrogen can form many compounds when combined, or bonded, with other elements.