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I chose Saint Rose of Lima because I didn’t know anything about her and wanted to learn about someone I hadn’t really heard of before. I discovered what an interesting and exciting life she had while I did my research. She did many wonderful things in her life and in my opinion, I truly believe that she deserves to be called a Saint. She is now one of my favorite Saints of all time and I am very happy I chose her. 

Isabel Flores De Olivia, or more commonly known as Saint Rose of Lima, was born on April 20th, 1586 and died on August 24th, 1617. She was canonized as a Saint in 1671. She is the Patron Saint of embroiders, gardeners, florist, those who suffer ridicule for their piety, and people who suffer from family problems. Her feast day is listed as August 23rd,  although some people celebrate it on August 30th. 

She is remembered by most for her internal and physical beauty. She was so beautiful that she was given the nickname rose. At her confirmation in 1596 she officially accepted this  name. Those who know about her, also know that there was a legend that in a vision she once had, had her face turned into a rose. She had always wanted to become a nun, even when she was very little. She was always praying and even performed secret acts of penance although some were very painful. She was a very beautiful woman, which would often cause men to fall in love with her. In order to discourage men she would rub peppers on her face, which would blister it, and cut her hair short. 

She was completely devoted to God and even took a vow of chastity. Although her parents did not agree with her decision at first, because they wanted her to marry, her dad eventually gave in and let her have her own room. It is said that she only got two (2) hours of sleep every night in order to have more time for prayer and adoration. When she turned twenty (20), she was able to join The Third Order of Saint Dominant. She stayed devoted to God and even burned her own hands as a self imposed act of penance. About ten (10) years later she eventually died at age thirty-one (31) and her funeral was attended by many people from all over the city. 

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I believe that Saint Rose of Lima best represents the virtue of piety. She was extremely respectful and kept her love of God throughout her life. She always had faith and never stopped trusting in God. She represents this devotion with her constant prayers and trust in God.