I believe that being liberal while having an

I believe Columbia University offers undergraduate students an intensive academic experience in a setting where they can grow intellectually and personally. However, I want to go to Columbia for more than just a world-class education. I want to diversify my experiences.

Columbia’s focus on interdisciplinary studies is the reason why I find the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science so appealing. I believe that being liberal while having an imaginative comparison is extremely important for an engineer. For example, I cannot imagine delving into the future of robotics without scrutinizing the ethical issues surrounding human-robot interaction or discussing Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics. By incorporating several transformative writing and humanities courses into its graduation requirements, Columbia University fosters a critical and creative environment for students to explore their passions.

 Moreover, the small size of Columbia’s Core Curriculum classes will lead to a more personalized interaction with the faculty. If admitted, I plan to do undergraduate research under Professor Peter. K. Allen. His expertise at advanced robotic manipulation and passion for the subject will help me gain invaluable hands-on research experience. Additionally, the Morningside Heights campus is located in the heart of the New York City. This is comforting for someone who is looking to actively build on his high school extracurricular experience at Columbia. I would like to join the Chess Club and the Robotics Club; places where I can immerse myself with peers who share my passions. I also look forward to volunteering at organizations like Community Impact and Best Buddies which will allow me to continue playing the rewarding role of an elder brother.

With so many unique perspectives and diversified experiences to embrace, I know a college experience at Columbia will prove challenging, yet undoubtedly rewarding.