I collaborative team to face the challenging situations

I began to build my career in Information and communications technology when I was quite young and was lucky to start my job in a company whose managers were a real practical model of the company policies and were adhering to the company’s ethics. Our company had certain guidelines which its employees must have adhered to. Some common ethics which I acquired through those years of working was to be responsible, punctual, pleasant and polite even when taking difficult jobs. I benefited from my knowledge of workplace ethics which I had learnt, through all the later years. I learnt to work with others, respecting them, while being a good team player and to communicate the ethical values to other team members to enable the team to make suitable decision in the given conditions. Because the success of a project needs a strong team with goodethics to grow and make the company successful. I have experiences of working underhigh pressure for providing network services in strict periods which demands a collaborative team to face the challenging situations and overcome them.I have formally worked for Alborz Carpet Company for around 6 years (1999-2005)then I joined Noor Health Industrial Group and I was In-charge of Computer Networks for more than 7 years there (2005-2013), then started my latest career in Imen Mooj Houshmand Company about 4 years ago and though all the computer network projects I was engaged in these companies I have experienced different responsibilities and had to adapt to different easy and complicated situations and communicate with severaltypes of Customers. I also have managed different teams and staffs to carry the projects. This has improved my teamwork skills and professional abilities, like project management and network configuration.Working in various teams under special circumstances has helped me to face the advantages and difficulties of working as a team and learn how to deal with them. Working as a team adds to the level of creativity and efficiency of a project as the whole team members with different minds and experiences focus on a problem which has arisen. At the same time, support that each member of the team receives from the whole team will keep them motivated and hopeful.A supportive team with good ethics and strong understanding of the project demandshelp it to be accomplished faster, Although it needs a strong management and communication with staff and top managers as well, because of dealing with different characters with various skills in the team which may create some complications that needs to adjust each of the team members duties and needs in order to lift the complications and push the project forward.