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I believe that college athletes should be paid, college athletes have worked so hard to to first of all get to where they are whether it was through academic or athletic scholarships. They were determined to be able to  play in college all through childhood and  high school. I personally feel it is only fair for them to get paid, it gives the athletes an incentive to keep going and pursuing their dreams to get into the NFL or NBA.After professional football and basketball college football and basketball is one of the most watched sports on tv and in person. People love to root for their hometown schools and will pay lots of money for  games and different events.  If the athletes are paid it gives them a chance to save up for their futures and be ready for drafting and the next level. Money could act as a reward for all their hard work and could have the option of saving it or spending in small amounts. I know that college students can sometimes get out of hand and get wild especially the athletes. There should be some rules set so they know how to use the money and spend it wisely. The rules should strongly enforce that the money they earn should be accounted for and documented and that there will be consequences if the money is not used widely. The money earned each year should be based  on how well they play and how they adapt to managing and taking in huge amounts of money so far. While education is the most important thing, things happen in life so if the athletes happen to get hurt or injured they can use to money they earn for medical expenses and find a way to get back on their feet and on the road to play again.In conclusion, I do believe that some people do favor basketball and football players but we should also stop and think about other college sports and players. They should also get paid because they are working just as hard and doing what they really love. Overall, paying the athletes will work in favor of  the coaches to encourage the players to play better and practice harder but will also be a learning experience and gift for all players.