“I I have a dream increased my appreciation


“I Have a Dream”

            The Performance of I have A dream live has enlarged my
knowledge of the courage of Martin Luther King Jr. due to the fact that the
writers of the play showed and highlighted Kings courage to stand up to
multiple people in his life fighting for what is right. In one act of the
performance they highlighted that at the age of 14, while coming back from a
spelling contest MLK and his teacher were told to get up and move back by the
bus even though they were in the “colored” section. All of this was so a white
male could sit down. King disapproved of this and instead of his teacher having
to moved, King chose to stand up the whole two hours home. All the way home the
bus driver would speed through every pot whole and would swerve around any
corner. All the time Martin stood his ground showing that he was going to fight
for his rights whenever he could and would never give up.

The show I
have a dream increased my appreciation for all that Martin Luther King did.
One reason was that even though he came from the south where people of color
had certain rules and doings the separate and segregated, after college King
decided to go back into the fire of the south to preach about what is right in
Montgomery Alabama, becoming the most well-known leaders of the civil rights
movement. King was appointed to be the leader of the “Montgomery bus boycott,”
The boycott lasted 381 days, the
boycott was ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation on
public buses is
unconstitutional. MLK was one of
those willing to risk their lives and wellbeing’s for everybody else’s to be


Seeing I
Have a Dream live on stage increased my awareness that everything in Martin
Luther King Jr’s. Life led up to his most famous speech on Washington I have a dream. During the play you can
really see that everything his does in his life is truly out of his heart. You
can also tell that during the I have a
dream speech, he truly means everything he said because his life was just a
big preparation for that moment. You can see him put down his notecards and
speak from his heart showing how much he has fought for this. The famous speech
was a marking point that drew more attention onto the civil rights movement,
and inspired many people to join the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King
Jr was a man who fought for everybody to be equal and for everybody to be
judged by their character not by the color of their skin.