I I tuned in to a BBC Radio

I was shocked, and all around entertained, as I tuned in to a BBC Radio program on Africa earlier last year. A field reporter on a task in mammoth China needed to know how profound the local people are learning about the African continent. The outcomes: It scarcely touched the most superficial layer. The result is filled with a lot of amusement, they all proposed that the world’s second-biggest continent is made out of lions, elephants, and hedge. There were notices of Mandela, South Africa and the film ‘Out of Africa.’ No, they didn’t think there were any towns to talk about. Truly, there were a lot of wild creatures. Most stunning of all was the proposal that Africa is a solitary nation. Indeed, even an interviewee who had really been to Africa speculated that there were at most 14 unique nations altogether.Africa isn’t, nor has it at any point been one huge nation. It is a mosaic of self-sufficient 53 countries, the majority of them assigned by European colonialists amid the recorded ‘Scramble for Africa.’ All endeavors to wed up every one of the nations – to make a United States of Africa – have so far fizzled. Indeed, some individual nations are having a tough time remaining in one piece as it may be: Eritrea was at one time a territory of Ethiopia, Somaliland was at one time a piece of the bigger, war-inclined, Republic of Somalia. Zanzibar needs to cut the umbilical string from terrain Tanzania. Regarding landmark, Sudan is the biggest nation. From above little Uganda in the central region, the (about) 1-million-square-mile Sudan spreads toward the North where it rubs shoulders with Libya and the antiquated place that is known as Egypt. As far as population is concerned, Nigeria is Africa’s monster. More than 100 million individuals call this oil-rich West African nation home, and there are such a significant number of Nigerians in the US, Europe, and Asia that when most non-Africans consider Africans, they’re really considering Nigerians. As far as improvement, the sprawling republic of South Africa takes the cake. Situated in, well, the south of Africa, the mineral-rich home of Castle Lager, De Beers, ‘Cry the Beloved Country,’ Mandela, Charlize Theron, The Springboks rugby group and the Zulu clan needs no introduction.Africa is a place of many discoveries and is filled with many natural gifts. So are her people. But it is also a fact that Africa has many poor, undeveloped countries. Out of the 50 poorest countries in the world, Africa has 30 of its countries listed among them. That is about 60%. This is a very poor result. Where then are all the resources going to? Where are all the funds kept?Well, I know you don’t know, so do I. I am here to start pointing accusing fingers on anybody, I am here to bring forth opportunities that can help African youths. I want to introduce to you many things you can start doing now and be rest assured that your future is bright and safe.But before talking about opportunities let us talk about reaching out to for help. Having talent is a precious thing is supposed to be taken very seriously. We all neglect our talents and take them for granted. There have been reports of talent discoveries all over Africa. They were reached out for, and I am sure that most of have been helped to develop these talents. Now here comes my question, why were there no youth foundations in Africa that will bring all these talents together and make something good out of them. This is because as far as I am concerned, I think majority of African treasure are being taken away from Africa by most European countries. Majority of the people discovering things in the world these days are African, and they are not allowed to return to their soil to help their people. Just of recent, I heard that Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigerian last year and that he commissioned some youth development foundations. Why can’t we have plenty of these organizations commissioned for these youths?However, there is no time to argue on that. The main aim of this content is to educate youths on the opportunities that lie in front of them and how they can grab them even without academic requirements.We are aware that various skills don’t require academic qualifications. These skills are earning enough income to many of us in the world right now, and most of us have built our lives around them.•    Web design•    Content creation•    Graphics design•    Catering•    Fashion design•    Modeling•    Printing and publication•    Automobile fixing•    Construction design•    Furniture•    Electronic fixing and repairsApart from the above skills, there are many other skills that you can learn right now and start earning from. Apart from skills, there are many other opportunities to apply for all around the world. Majority of them are scholarship programs while some of them are career building programs. If you are bright and motivated, the following scholarship programs are for you.Government-funded International Scholarships:•    Fulbright Scholarships (USA)•    Chevening Scholarships (UK)•    Endeavour Postgraduate Awards (Australia)•    Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme (France)•    Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland)University-funded International Scholarships:•    Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)•    Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK)•    Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University (China)Institute-funded International Scholarships:•    Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants (Various Countries)•    Trudeau Scholarships (Canada)There are many other ones like the following:•    Australia Awards Scholarships•    Bristol University Think Big Scholarships•    Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students•    World Citizen Talent Scholarship for International Students•    UEA International Development Scholarships for International Students•    Holland Scholarship for Non-EEA International Students•    VU Amsterdam Fellowship Programme for International Students•    Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships•    Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship for Research Excellence at University of Nottingham•    Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme•    WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarships for Developing Country StudentsI don’t know what is going through your mind right now, but I know that most of these opportunities should also be available all over Africa. Though there are some available but they are not reaching the people that need it, and most of them are not funded well enough to go round. So sitting back and watching is not doing us any good. Success takes sacrifice, and that is what is required from us.