I. it is also advised to at least

There are reason why flipped classroom is
established for the beneficial of everyone, especially the students and their
teachers.  Borg and Sharpio (1996) stated
that everyone has their different ways of learning and personality has a big
impact on how an individual could learn the best. If these two may not agree
with its compatibility, it can lessen the ability of an individual to learn and
reduction of interest in the subject matter.


There is recommended design principles for the flipped classroom that can
be beneficial to everyone. (Kim, Kim, Khera & Gheta, 2014). Here are as


1.)    It provides an opportunity for students to
gain preliminary information before the class activity. Like in the essays,
we would start off in an introduction where all the preliminary information is
stated.  In teaching, it is also advised
to at least give an introduction of what would be the lesson for them to know
of what’s coming.

2.)    Encouraging students to watch online
lectures and be prepared before the class activity. It has a big effect if
students would know their lessons before discussing in into the class. Students
would have a background on what their lessons would be, and may also have an
advanced reading/watching to it so that the teacher wouldn’t have much
difficulty in the teaching they conduct.

3.)    Organizing methods of assessment.  It is important to remind students of when
teachers would give an assessment. It would just mean that students can prepare
of what assessment they would receive, in class or even virtually.

4.)    Providing sufficient time for the
completion of assignments.  It is
better if teachers would give enough time for the completion of their
assignments. Why is it important? It is important because students would
balance their time doing efficiently and effectively.


Enfield (2013) clarified that students are cultivated to move out of the
classroom to attain information anytime and anywhere by flipped classroom
approach. He also explained that the most useful study strategy can be used and
chosen by students while learning and coping their own pace through online
instructions. “Students’ participation, satisfaction and performance showed a
positive change after taking part in this pedagogical approach” (Hung, 2015).


McLaughlin and Rhoney (2015) explained that the recognition of
instructors who used the flipped classroom strategy has grown concerning
teaching strategies. In addition, Kong (2014) stated that teachers stabilized the
sort of resources they attain; share their instructional practices by using the
flipped classroom strategy.