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I strongly stand in support of the ‘rule of law’, which expresses the view that there is equality before the law and that all people, no matter who they may be, are accountable and answerable to the same law. This is due to the fact that I have seen people’s voices being supressed which contradicts the ideas that our country is a democracy where people have the freedom to speak. By me creating a career in law not only can I make alterations but also fight for women’s rights.When conducting my EPQ, I focused my topic around law, where I addressed the question ‘to what extent is there a moral obligation to follow the law?’ For this topic I researched further into issues heavily impacting society, and applied moral concepts learnt in RE lessons to contemporary legal problems. From my research I acquired that human rights had some surrounding controversy on issues such as abortion and gay rights. I also referred to case studies regarding these issues and demonstrated communication skills through my EPQ, setting myself deadlines and working independently of my teachers. Government and politics has strengthened my understanding of the law. Studying areas such as the judiciary and constitution offered a better insight into law and how the legal system operates, such as how judges are appointed and who has supreme power when making decisions. Studying politics has also offered information of contemporary examples like Brexit and the implementation of Article 50, and what that means for the UK. I learnt this through researching how the EU operates and the functions of the different institutions. Having an interpretation of this has developed my thoughts on what will be offered. In addition, politics has enabled me to become a part of regular debates where it’s required to think quickly, making it very similar to situations in a courtroom or a moot at university.In RE, I thoroughly enjoy learning about the role of ethics and morals in society, using this in my EPQ to further research how morals and religions can stop someone from following the law. This will help when studying law as it shows how ideas regarding issues in society can influence one’s behaviour. Studying RE has also brought about my interest in debates, as the nature of the course requires personal opinions to be expressed. Studying English language has strengthened my understanding of what a career in law could entail. This is because throughout the course I was very fond on learning about the contrasting aspects of English and how they influence society. The subject included topics such as lexical jargon, where I chose to apply it to law. The research helped me understand why many terms are used in the legal profession and how other languages such as Latin have impacted it. Studying English has also refined my analytical and evaluative skills which have improved the organisation and structure of my writing, assisting me in essays. Having this skill can guide me through the process of assessing situations part of the course, allowing me to make clear judgements on them. Completing voluntary work at a local charity allowed me to see what it’s like to be a part of a team in a workplace environment. My work included collecting donations in order to help the work of the charity and assisting costumers. As well as volunteering, I also completed a week of work experience at an optician’s; Taking phone calls and booking appointments has allowed me to speak confidently over the phone which will benefit me in the workplace. I also had to attend full days which I know will be a part of working as a lawyer.I think that studying law is the best option for me as I take interest in learning about new concepts, allowing me to develop a theoretical understanding of what takes place in the world around us. I know that going into a legal career will be suitable for me as I have the necessary skills that will allow me to assist other people in their battles.