I minor interests.Social:Like most of the societies in

I would like to make the world more meritocratic or if possible perfectly meritocratic. I always think of a meritocratic society which values hard-work and skill and not only values but suitably rewards it.Following are the elements of a Perfectly Meritocratic Society (from now on called PMS….eh scary name indeed):Political:PMS would not rely on elections for they have a high tendency of undeserving candidates to the top. PMS would follow a dictatorship of meritocrats.

 These would be the people who have achieved the most in their respective fields. For example defense minister would be the most decorated general of the country while Finance minister is most able economist of the country. In that way the top leadership would be most capable person of the society and hence would come forth with the best solution of every problem. Since they won’t be bogged down by electoral politics hence they would be able to look at the larger picture while having to sacrifice some minor interests.Social:Like most of the societies in the world PMS would also have social inequalities but they won’t be because of physical attributes or by-birth inequalities like race or caste.

A PMS would give great respect to high achievers. But a PMS won’t respect a person who achieved something because of some inherent advantage like born into a rich family rather it would value only a person’s own effort. Any kind of short-cuts or upstarts would be frowned upon. Since a PMS would place a high value on personal achievement hence it would strive to develop a system to judge true merit of people. Test in school and colleges would have very high importance and would be so designed to ensure only the most deserving one excels them.A PMS would have a high level of gender equality since biological attribute won’t be considered sufficient to make male superior to female. Every person would be required to prove his/her own worth irrespective of gender.