I of silver nanoparticles, their characterization and activity

am Bhushan Atmaram Shejwadkar from Karwar, Karnataka. My mother is a teacher
and my father is a PSU employee. I completed my schooling in Karwar, Mangalore
and Sirsi. I believe in hard work and determination. Through perseverance and
efforts, I have been a good student throughout school. In S.S.C., I scored 9.0
CGPA. In H.S.C., I got 88.00%.

from focusing on academics, I have also participated in various
extra-curricular activities such as elocution, essay writing and cultural
activities such as singing, dancing, painting etc. These activities contributed
to my personality development by eliminating stage fear, cultivating creativity
and artistic skills, helping to learn team work and leadership skills. In my
leisure time, I like to watch anime, through which I have learnt how to speak
Japanese to a certain extent. I also enjoy sketching, playing Basketball and

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graduated with a degree in B.E Biotechnology from SJCE, Mysore. Apart from the
interest in the field, I chose it because
of the challenge it poses due to the enormousness of the field. I was a
co-author for
posters on “Phyto-biologic synthesis of
silver nano-bactericides using Rhizophora mangle L. and their
activity against test pathogens with DNA damage properties” which won
the 1st prize and a national level poster presentation on “Phyto-biologic synthesis of silver nano-bactericides
using Annona Squamosa L. and their activity against test pathogens
with DNA damage properties” which
secured us the 3rd prize.. As my major project, I worked
on “phytobiologic
synthesis of silver nanoparticles, their characterization and activity on
helicobacter pylori biofilm” and I was also the project leader.

far as management is concerned, I am open to learning. I believe that the
knowledge of the fundamentals of business and management is of crucial
importance. So after studying the technological aspect of the industry, I am
eager to take it a step further and learn the managerial aspect of the
industry. I look forward to utilizing the knowledge of technology backed by the
knowledge of various management subjects in the complex world of business. In
the long run I want to own a company of my own in this department.

course involving exposure to basic concepts of marketing, finance, personnel
and human resource management, quantitative methods, operations and behavioral
sciences will help me understand the functional areas of management. Also the
huge variety of elective courses offered will help me pursue specialization in
my area of interest. The learning ambience that encourages interaction with
industry in form of live projects; group exercises, research opportunitieswill
provide me with the basic ingredients of effective management such as teamwork,
leadership skills, effective communication skills, problem solving and conflict
management skills. With its holistic approach to learning and opportunities to
interact with intellectuals, business leaders, representatives of government as
well as non government organizations, IIM Bangalore will be an excellent place
for me to learn the dynamics of business and management. IIMB’s numerous education
collaborations with national as well as international institutions will provide
me with a great opportunity to gain exposure on global level.