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I became interested in Saint Mary’s College of California first when an alumna of Notre Dame went on to study there. She and I would constantly run into each other, and she would tell me that her time at Saint Mary’s has been fun, challenging, and full of new discoveries. By hearing those stories of perseverance, courage and/or glee, I understood that this college was an excellent place to widen one’s horizons and become a better version of yourself. It’s also often said that college will be the four most memorable years of your life, and so far, I’ve seen in my friend’s eyes, as well as the people that have been there speaking to me at the college fairs, that St. Mary’s will have much to offer me. I’ll certainly have an adventure while going to St. Mary’s and I’m definitely all for it. I know it won’t all too easy, but now even the challenging things in life can be called exciting. What astounds me is that in my life is just about to begin. My life may have started as a baby, but I am here now, as a young woman striving to learn and to move onto new possibilities. There are many things that have astounded me over time. I am astounded by the fact that people don’t often have enough to fill their stomachs. These things happen as others have to struggle to get fresh, clean water miles away from their homes, and it leaves me heartbroken to see that those who are not included or treated as fairly as people as me. I sometimes am astounded at how I am standing here because my parents came to the United States as teenagers. My mom at the age of fourteen had come in the search of opportunity, and although she didn’t finish her education, she became a strong woman and has been teaching me many things about life. On that note, I am astounded by how different life is in Mexico compared to here. Each morning, my aunts and uncles make fires to warm up the water to shower, while here I have a heater that heats and cools every water pump in the house. I’m astounded by little things, like how my younger brother is taller than me at the age of 13 going on 14. We’re both getting older and busy learning many new things at school, but we’ll always make time for plays our favorite video game, Call of Duty. Altogether, I am astounded by a lot of things, but I am excited to be astounded by new things since life’s full of surprises and you’ll never know when a door will open up for you.