I out, or something will find eternal happiness

I believe that all forms of life
have a purpose, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular purpose
that the lifeform has been given will benefit its own life. For a cow or an
insect, the purpose of their life might be to act as the source of food for
other animals or to be killed so people can survive or save their own species
by reproduction. Their purpose can even be saved by a human to fulfill the
person’s purpose in life. To me, there’s a fine line between the purposes of
the lives of human beings and non-cognitive organisms like plants and animals.


The lives of a cow, an insect and a
human all have one thing in common, they all have a purpose. They were all put
on planet earth by some unseen, unheard, intangible, and/or immeasurable force
for some reason or reasons. Everyone has a different idea or belief on what
happens after someone or something dies, and it always has something to do with
the deceased’s meaning in life. Personally, whenever this conversation comes
up, I’ve always tried to find the “important” meaning or purpose in the life of
something that appears meaningless. It’s curious to me: heaven is meant as
utopia for the good and honorable, or something can be reincarnated based on
their how their karma turns out, or something will find eternal happiness after
death because of the amount of joy it found in its life and the amount of joy
it brought to others. This is why is ask myself and others what a cow or an
insect would have to do to get into heaven or be reincarnated or find eternal


Would the cow have to make the absolute
perfect moo sound or be slaughtered into the most juicy, flawless, thickest,
and delicious steak or burger ever tasted by a human? Or, maybe it would just
have to produce enough dairy products to feed a hungry family. If the insect was
a cockroach, would it have to survive a nuclear apocalypse, or if it was a
bumblebee, would it have to spend its whole life avoiding to temptation of stinging
a human, or if it was a caterpillar, would it just have to eat enough leaves to
eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly? Or, maybe it would just have to get
eaten by a domesticated parrot, so that the bird could live another day keeping
its lonely owner company. I will admit these are all good sacrificial purposes
in the lives of these animals, but there is one thing that distinguishes the
life meanings of these animals from us humans. We humans are aware that there might
be a higher or deeper meaning to the lives we live or that there might be something
waiting for us after we die, while a majority of animals don’t. Its humans who
spend their whole lives questioning their general existence and being, and,
once they find their answer, they work toward trying to fulfill this purpose
for their own value or the common good. While animals typically just act out of
hunger, instinct, or the need to protect themselves. This is exactly what the animals
are missing in the purpose their lives.


Although the animals may never understand
the purpose of their life, but I am more than certain of the purpose of my
life. In my experiences, I have realized that the meanings of my life and life
itself include: Find yourself, and when you do, be true to yourself. Be kind
and useful to yourself and to others in any possible way so that they may do
the same to others. Learn as much practical and academic information as you can
to survive and help others both learn it and to pass it on. Spend your life
finding joy for yourself and sharing it with others in hopes that they will
find the same joy in their lives as well. Hope that everything that happens in
life, happens for the best and if you have doubts about this, believe that life
might just surprise you when you least expect it. Have a family to pass on your
knowledge, joy and hope to the future generations. Live your life to whatever
you consider to be the absolute fullest for as long as you can so you feel
complete when you are finally ready to die. If there is nothing awaiting you
after death, you will still end up serving a purpose by being buried into the
ground and becoming fertilizer for grass and trees, which provide the food,
shelter and life sources for plants and animals, like the cow and the insect.


However, above all of these different
meanings, there is actually only one true meaning of life. If you ever find
yourself doubting all the previous reasons for the point of life, or believe
that life is simply meaningless because everyone dies eventually, remember one
thing: life’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, and making
friends along the way to find happiness for yourself and your friends as you go
on the journey. The search for meaning is the very thing that gives our life
meaning. The only question that is truly worth asking is, “how do you enjoy
life?” So really, the only true meaning of my life, your life, anyone’s life, and
life itself is finding your own way to enjoy it. You
may have heard of this type of answer before, but I can assure you that I don’t
believe it to be just some inane and/or prudish cliché. I can’t speak for anyone else, but
I firmly believe that these are the reasons as to why we humans live life in
the first place and what the purpose of humanity is altogether.