I student of Masters in Biochemistry at University

I am writing this to express my great interest in applying
for the PhD program in your research group. I am a student of Masters in Biochemistry at University
of Hyderabad, India. As a part of my curriculum I am pursuing my Masters
project in Anil Kumar’s Lab at University
of Hyderabad, India

I went through your institute’s website and having reviewed
the international PhD program run by the institute, I believe that I am a capable
candidate and would like to apply. I have always been interested in the study
of cancer biology and due to my interest I have a fair level of textbook
knowledge in the field. I would like to pursue my research in the field of
cancer biology and make it as my career in the long term

Due to my interest in biology, I opted for Bachelors of
sciences with Microbiology as my major subject and chemistry and zoology as my
subsidiary subjects. Throughout my coursework I was exposed to many subjects
such as cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, molecular biology and
fermentation technology. This exposure in the field of biochemistry and the
constant motivation received from my biochemistry teacher motivated me to
pursue my career in research. This led me to take admission in Masters in
Biochemistry at University of Hyderabad.

I started my Masters course from July 2016 where I was
exposed to courses such as Metabolism, Genetics, Human Physiology, Biophysics,
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Enzymology and Immunology. Apart from theory
courses we were trained in various biochemical techniques. In my third semester
I joined Lab of Investigative Nephrology in our Department for my one year
Masters project titled “Methylglyoxal
Induces Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition in Podocytes: Implications in
Diabetic Nephropathy”. Methylglyoxal is elevated during diabetes and is
known to enhance production of Advanced Glycation End-Products. The team had
discovered that methylglyoxal induces NF-?B pathway. My work is to expose
podocytes to methylglyoxal and through Western blot analysis and Real time PCR
analysis find out whether methylglyoxal induces EMT in podocytes. The future
goals are to investigate the possible mechanism by which methylglyoxal induces
EMT. This project has brought me close with study of different signaling
pathways that induce EMT. During this project I have gained hands on experience
with mammalian cell culture, RNA & DNA extraction, Protein extraction,
Western Blot Analysis, Real time-PCR analysis.

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Due to my interest in study of different signaling pathways
and cancer research I opted for Signal Transduction and Phosphorylation and
Cancer biology elective courses offered by the Department of biochemistry.
These courses helped me develop an in depth knowledge about these topics. I
find that the research going in your lab suits my interest as well as my
educational background. After going through your website I understand that your
lab uses a very interdisciplinary approach to gain more insights in mechanisms
of cell growth. Understanding how the connecting pathways that regulate cell
growth are altered and what sort of genetic program directs these changes could
be really helpful in understanding the acquired capabilities of cancer cells.  Pursuing my PhD in such an environment would
be the best choice in my academic pursuits. I believe that I am hard working,
motivated and sociable person. My future goal is to join a reputed university
as a faculty member or become a post-doctoral fellow. To accomplish my goals, I
would like to pursue my research leading to a doctoral degree in an
international and multidisciplinary environment. I am looking forward to
undertake my research towards a doctoral degree at the German Cancer Research
Center, Heidelberg. I would be very grateful to you if you could provide some
more information about your current research goals.

I am looking forward to hear from you

Yours Sincerely

Ruchika Kumari

Thanks for helping!