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I am a highly motivated economic graduate with strong passion for the developing world. My ultimateambition in life is to become a successful academician (professor in development Economics) and a well-known agent of change in my country, Nigeria. This ambition inspires me to read intensively with inquisitive mind, most especially on my preferred area of interest (Development economics). My choice of this area is based on the fact that developmental Economics is very pivotal to the growth and development of any country. My passion for research comes from intellectual curiosity and the little experience/ knowledge I have acquired as an economic research student. I am intuitively aghast with a so rich country endowed with abundant human capital and natural resources like my country, Nigeria and yet so bedeviled with numerous socioeconomic problems.University of Graz epitomizes a vibrant academic community, rich and diverse in it fields of study and dynamic in the areas of specialization. Its reputation is well regarded in the world of intellects, and its students are highly rated in the industry. I first heard of this university, during my undergraduate course work. My professor of international trade course always spoke passionately about the first class programs offered by this institution and the very knowledgeable professors in the area of sustainable Development. He was a professor of Economics at University of Vienna, Austria for over six year, before coming to contribute immensely to the Ghanaian educational sector.The study of economic plays important roles in the development of any nation. As a Bachelor (BSc) in Economics, I understand that my field has a fundamental role in the development of my country.Sustainable development, affects the developing countries the most. I have studied, live and worked in three developing nations namely; Togo, Ghana and Nigeria. I understand the importance of development in these countries. Currently, working as a teaching Assistant at Federal University Dutse, Jigawa state, Nigeria. This state is one of the poorest states in my country with less than 8 percent of the youth as literate. Most of them are subsistence farmers who barely feed below 1 dollar a day. Over here, they have so many children as the religion permits it and these children, are not given good education, with most of them malnourished and see beggaring as a means to living so as to avoid hunger.