I. we have had the honor of paying


Starbucks Company is an
international coffee company originating in America, who is a premier roaster
and retailer of specialty coffee. Currently operating in 75 countries with more
than 27,000 stores, it is our mission to elevate our partners, customers,
suppliers, and neighbors to create positive change. We provide our communities
with handcrafted coffee, tea and other beverages along with a variety of fresh
food items. Along with our Starbucks Coffee we provide other products with our
sister brands such as Teavana, Tazo, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Evolution Fresh, La
Boulange and Ethos.


Here at Starbucks we have a mission
to improve our corporate social responsibility practices to address the voices
of our different stakeholder groups. Our stakeholders here at Starbucks

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i.     Employees

ii.     Suppliers

iii.     Customers

iv.     Environment

v.     Investors

vi.     Government



Employees. Within our corporate social responsibility efforts, our
main concern is with our employees. As administration, it is our responsibility
to provide our employees with amazing working conditions, higher wages, and job
security. By providing our employees a warm and friendly ambiance within our
cafes we hope to influence the overall experience our staff has with our
company. To thank our employees, we have made an effort to provide all of our
staff with wages that are above the legally mandated minimum wage. Along with
upgraded pay we have also heightened our Corporate Social Responsibility by
partnering with Arizona State University to provide our employees with
scholarships. Within our Scholarship Program we have had the honor of paying
for approximately 56% of overall tuition fees for our undergraduate employees
who are attending the university. Although we have maintained our reputation
here in the United States we have failed to provide such benefits to our
international employees. Currently in New Zealand we have only provided wages
that are extremely low. To overall improve our corporate responsibility, we can
address this issue and provide them with such benefits as our native employees.

Suppliers. Our suppliers who provide us with the amazing coffee that
we market to the community are composed of wholesale supply firms and coffee
farmers. The main interest of this specific stakeholder group is that we
promise to maintain our compensation packages along with our growing demand of
the coffee. To address their interests, we have developed numerous social
responsibility programs. One of these programs is our supplier diversity
program, which ensures that we have held an inclusive eye for our partnering
suppliers. This gives us the opportunity to seek our new suppliers and to
broaden our visibility within our growing community. Along with that program we
have initiated the Starbucks’ Coffee and Farmer Equity program that requires
us, Starbucks, to be transparent in all business actions with our suppliers.

Customers. Along with many growing businesses, customers are one of
our top stakeholders. Without the loyalty of our customers we wouldn’t be able
to provide the world with our amazing coffee. Their main interests as a group
include having high quality service along with high quality products that
fulfill their indulgent needs. Due to our growing popularity we have maintained
our brand amongst our market by providing our guests with a warm and friendly
atmosphere and having positive attitudes amongst our employees.

Environment. Due to recent news we as a business hold our
environment at the highest of the pedestal. We have initiated multiple
environmental programs to further our status as a socially responsible
business. Due to our Coffee and Farmer Equity program we have increased our
biodiversity and shade quality in certified coffee farms.  90% of our supply comes from CAFÉ-certified

Investors. Our investors are what motivate us to improve our status
as a business. Ultimately all investors have interests in high financial
performance of any company. Due to our growing expansion internationally, we
have continued to lead the race in top performing coffeehouses.

Government. Since our company has a global presence we must adhere
to local government regulations along with our own. Generally, we have complied
with any law or regulation that the current market we have entered may offer.


Like many corporate companies that provide
food services our market consists of external stakeholders. Due to many of our
products being food we also have many external nonmarket stakeholders.